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Fairfax journos peddle false economic optimism

CrikeyApr 30, 2009

Fairfax journalists are treating the IMF's forecasts like fact, says Scott Mitchell.

Is something rotten on the NY Times op-ed page?

CrikeyApr 29, 2009

Bjorn Lomborg -- Danish statistician and self-styled “Skeptical Environmentalist” -- found his way onto the New York Times op-ed page over the weekend.

Public broadcasters lose their heads (literally)

Public broadcasters lose their heads (literally)

CrikeyApr 29, 2009

SBS's Paula Masselos departs, Fox won't air Obama news conference, and Elisabeth Murdoch continues to take over global reality television.

Swine flu pandemics and other porkies

Bernard KeaneApr 29, 20091 Comment

In terms of impacts on human lives, the current outbreak of swine flu in North America is minimal.

A pun too far?

CrikeyApr 29, 2009

It is disturbingly easy for sub-editors to descend into a kind of journalistic psychopathy in which all stories are fair game for jaunty puns, writes Mel Campbell. But are some stories unpunnable.

First draft of history? Pretty bad.

CrikeyApr 28, 2009

As far as first attempts go, journalism's first draft of history is pretty average. Especially when it comes to the GFC.

Music journalism for dummies

CrikeyApr 28, 2009

Steps include doing no research on MySpace, scrawling incomprehensible notes and capturing the zeitgeist.

Five great news hoaxes

CrikeyApr 27, 2009

From Hitler's diaries to revolvers in Georgia, Daniel Finkelstein looks at the best news pranks.

Deconstructing Blair's law

CrikeyApr 27, 2009

Daily Telegraph Opinion Editor Tim Blair is very proud of his eponymous "law", which essentially says all Leftists are confused idiots who mindlessly support idiotic causes.

A loss for the climate, but a victory for free speech

CrikeyApr 24, 2009

The Australian's continued scepticism on climate change may be bad for the planet, but it's a victory for independent editorial judgment.

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