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They tried to tell us we're too young

by David PenberthyMay 26, 20098 Comments

Former Daily Tele editor David Penberthy offers some words of wisdom to the newly-appointed editor of The Monthly, 23-year-old Ben Naparstek.

News Limited's future: leaner, meaner and tighter

Andrew DoddMay 26, 20091 Comment

The true extent of the job losses at News Limited is becoming clearer with details emerging from Queensland which reveal how each of the states will centralise their operations to cut costs.

Racist, who, us? Si senor!

Sophie BlackMay 26, 20099 Comments

Ex Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Mexican immigrants. So why the sombero?

How the media works, chapter 48, in an occasional series of 12: Swine Flu.

CrikeyMay 26, 2009

How much coverage swine flu got when there were no cases in Australia, compared with a week in which it was slowly spreading through our schools and cruise ships. Weird.

Kidnapped Australian photographer asks for more help

CrikeyMay 26, 2009

Australian photographer Nigel Brennan, who is being held hostage in Somalia for nine months, has urged the government to do more to secure his release.

Is Annie Leibovitz facing bankruptcy?

Is Annie Leibovitz facing bankruptcy?

CrikeyMay 26, 2009

An involuntary bankruptcy petition is set to be filed against celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, claiming she owes $189,00. If successful, her entire photographic archive could be taken.

How Watergate slipped through the <em>NYT</em>'s fingers

How Watergate slipped through the NYT's fingers

CrikeyMay 26, 2009

Two former NY Times journalists are claiming they had the scoop on Watergate first, but were pipped at -- and by -- the Post

Taste and decency AWOL at SMH

a Crikey reader writes:May 25, 20091 Comment

The SMH's taste and decency seems to have dropped another level with their coverage of actress Lucy Gordon's death, says a Crikey reader.

Democracy won't die with newspapers

CrikeyMay 25, 2009

The decline of newspapers does not mean the end of journalism, says journalist Tom Regan.

Shock, horror: Kerry O'Brien has political views

CrikeyMay 25, 2009

While Gerard Henderson is perturbed, is it terribly troubling news to learn that Kerry O’Brien might have certain political opinions?

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