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Australia's media is dying before our eyes

The virus crisis has dramatically accelerated the decline of Australia's major media companies, and the recurring problem of the industry — too much debt — is again threatening to destroy companies, this time for good.

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Stay-at-home boomers threaten to kill off print advertising

COVID-19 is hurrying along the inevitable death of print news.

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Morrison's economic mire snares retailers and media alike

The stagnation inflicted by Scott Morrison on the economy has gripped retail and is now engulfing the media sector.

Who's writing 'the climate change story' at the Oz?

A strange ad attacking renewable energy appeared in the News Corp papers yesterday. Its source: the Climate Study Group.

<em>Betoota Advocate</em> editors Charles Single and Archer Hamilton (Image: <em>The Betoota Advocate</em>/Facebook)

Betoota’s ‘bread and butter’: unlabelled sponsored posts

The Betoota Advocate loves to take the piss out of influencers, but it's also happy to take part in the sponsored content game.

US-style pharma marketing hits Australian shores

The American maker of a gynaecological surgical device is directly targeting Australian women, with a celebrity-doctor-endorsed online campaign which appears to flaunt advertising laws. 

Are sponsored ‘influencer’ ads the new cash-for-comment?

The rise of Instagram "influencers" poses new problems for advertising regulators.

How to use Facebook to influence Australian voters for just $20 a day

Unfortunately it seems advertising on Facebook in Australia for political purposes is still a 2016 US election-esque case of “catch me if you can”.

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This election campaign, ads will be more of the same

Last week's blokey "back in black" budget video is likely to be a good indication of how the government will approach its mainstream advertising during the campaign — expect more of daggy dad Scott Morrison.

Advertising is facing a historic shift; can Australian media keep up?

It's time to find new ways for advertising to support the discovery of independent news.