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(Image: AAP/Julian Smith)

Age editor's demise highlights indifference towards mainstream media

Alex Lavelle's sudden resignation didn't rock Melbourne society's boat. He sank as he rose — unknown and unlamented by no one other than staff.

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Dear media: if you won’t speak up for Assange, maybe stop using WikiLeaks' stuff

Like him or not, the WikiLeaks founder represents things that need protecting.

Emma Alberici (Image: AAP/Richard Wainwright)

The ABC's exemplary punishment of Alberici sends a message to other journalists

Someone at the ABC is leaking confidential information about Emma Alberici to its — and her — enemies at News Corp. What signal does that send to journalists whose job is to hold the powerful to account?

Roger Ailes (Image: AP/Jim Cooper)

Murdoch's leaving is a long time coming and certainly not all it seems

Is Rupert Murdoch's son's resignation from News Corp really prompted by a question of morality?

Lachlan, Rupert and James Murdoch

Why did James Murdoch quit?

The younger Murdoch son resigned from News Corp citing 'disagreements over certain editorial content'. But what content was he talking about, exactly?

Rupert Murdoch

Old bull, new bull: a brief recap of News Corp's latest problems

Remember when News Corp was a young bull knocking over anyone who stood in its way? How the mighty have fallen.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Government moves on big tech but money looks a fair way off (and no love for the ABC or SBS)

The government has unveiled its new code of conduct that will force tech companies to pay news organisations for their content. But there'll be no money for the public broadcasters.

Social Watch: COVIDIOTS, Karens and the origins of #ChallengeAccepted

It’s been a busy week on social media. The Karens were back at it, while people’s Instagram feeds were filled with black-and-white photos. Here’s your update on what's trending.

News Corp’s 'find the other' blame game never ends

From 'Enemies of the state' to 'Dan-made disaster', the News Corp tabloids are suspiciously selective in their COVID-19 targets...

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Let us count the ways... what we learnt overnight about big tech

The big kids have finally reported to the principal's office. Here are five key learnings we have from the US House of Judiciary Committee's hearings with the four most powerful men in big tech.