April, 2018

Crikey roundtable: how should we feel about Anzac Day?

, Apr 24, 2018

To mark Australia's most revered holiday, Crikey correspondents discuss the personal tensions, contradictions, and cultural implications of celebrating Anzac Day in modern Australia.

The forgotten Anzac Day protests of the ’80s

, Apr 24, 2018

The 1980s heralded a swell of protests highlighting the treatment of women in war, and the role of rape as a weapon. Decades later, the problem is still invisible.

The only band that matters isn’t a band anymore

, Apr 20, 2018

Kendrick Lamar's Pulitzer win seemed surprising to many. But, when you think about the state of popular music, it makes total sense.

Why the Melbourne International Comedy Festival isn’t as funny as it used to be

, Apr 20, 2018

What may really be flattening out the mood at the festival is the "acknowledgement of country", which is played at the start of each show.

Inside the bizarre, tuna patty-filled launch of Mark Latham’s new cookbook

, Apr 19, 2018

Alan Jones and Mark Latham launched their new book yesterday at an Indian restaurant to the confusion of diners, everyone else.

Rundle: Israel Folau’s homophobic comments are a flashpoint for players and power

, Apr 18, 2018

Folau's fundamentalist comments reveal some of the contradictions that are tearing apart competitive team sport around the world.

Is Channel Seven the right place for Andrew Denton’s new interview show?

, Apr 18, 2018

If you were hoping for the scintillating interviews of Denton's ABC days, you might be disappointed.

Sacred Cows: when your masterpiece is an unreadable mess

, Apr 17, 2018

William Faulkner's The Sound and The Fury was originally published to little fanfare. There was a reason for that.

The long-term pain in cricket’s anti-siphoning spin

, Apr 16, 2018

Seven and Foxtel have pulled a fast one on cricket fans, ducking regulations to lock two thirds of international cricket matches on a subscription service. Will will it be enough to save Foxtel's sinking subscriber base?

Tasting Australia (and Australia itself) has a ‘great male chef’ problem

, Apr 12, 2018

Adelaide's much venerated Tasting Australia will open with a disproportionately small number of women chefs celebrated. Is this a symptom of a biased industry, or is the festival culpable in sustaining the sausage party?

Razer: Anne Edmonds’ comedy is truly, madly, deeply Australian – and that’s why it works

, Apr 12, 2018

For comedy to work, here in this country, it must be truly Australian. It must evoke the minutiae of a time and place, be unashamedly local.

The manufactured magic of Russell Crowe’s $3.7m divorce auction

, Apr 09, 2018

Would you pay $7000 for a used, leather jockstrap? Margot Saville reports from inside the bizarre bubble of the actor's highly publicised auction.

The deplorable media misunderstandings of the Roseanne reboot

, Apr 05, 2018

The political backlash to Roseanne, on screen and off, is playing into the hands of the network and ignoring all that we know about media.

Clive Hamilton and his (mildly justified) conspiracy theory

, Apr 04, 2018

Clive Hamilton's book on Chinese influence works best when it dissects the activities of Australia's clutch of China apologists. But he struggles to show how any Beijing influence has ever been effectively used.

Iannucci’s The Death of Stalin is hilarious, but politically naive

, Mar 29, 2018

Iannucci is a master comedy writer, no doubt, but at some point the film lapses into a Marvel comic's view of events in totalitarian Russia.

Rundle: cricket is just not cricket

, Mar 28, 2018

The latest cricket scandal doesn't reveal that we are obsessed with morality but rather the way sport functions in a world where politics is failing.

‘#DontBeACunt’: Tim Winton targets toxic masculinity

, Mar 27, 2018

Tim Winton's latest promo tour comes with a sermon about Australian men. The novelist will definitely sell books, but will he have a role to play in cultural change, too?

‘Progressives need to have a hard look at themselves’: Sally Potter

, Mar 23, 2018

While its timing may have been purely providential, The Party is the perfect film for the modern political landscape.

Sacred Cows: the underrated dark wit of Flannery O’Connor

, Mar 23, 2018

Has O'Connor's debut novel been historically overlooked in favour of the Southern Gothics of McCarthy, Capote and Faulkner?