June, 2018

Rundle: on immutable violence and the possibility of change

, Jun 25, 2018

Since the rape and murder of Eurydice Dixon, the public debate about male violence has become chaotic and counter-productive.

Helen Razer reviews Joe Hockey’s bizarre use of Instagram

, Jun 21, 2018

Joe, who really does look like a sweet, deluded midlife guy who genuinely believes that Fonzie is cool, does not think things through.

How to survive the World Cup if you know nothing about the world game

, Jun 21, 2018

Prefer your footballs oval shaped? Couldn't pick Cristiano Ronaldo out of a line-up of one? Here are five things you can say to get you through the next month.

‘Satire is dangerous’: Shaun Micallef on fake news and the sorry state of media

, Jun 21, 2018

Shaun Micallef discusses the importance of quality journalism and why satire is no substitute.

Rundle: Mulholland Drive no mere cinematic event

, Jun 15, 2018

This was a hallowed act of obeisance, cinema vanishing into itself: the Astor, a vast dome of faded theatrical glory was showing a David Lynch classic.

An incomplete list of ways women already ‘take responsibility’ for their safety

, Jun 15, 2018

Eurydice Dixon's murder was followed with a familiar statement from the police. This is why women are angry about it.

Razer: enjoy this golden age of TV while it lasts (which won’t be for much longer)

, Jun 14, 2018

The Sopranos ushered in a renaissance for the small screen, latterly continued by Netflix et al. But the economic reality of running an entertainment business like Netflix will crunch hard — and soon. So enjoy this golden age of TV, while you still can.

The unclassifiable genius of Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks

, Jun 08, 2018

Van would go on to produce some great music; he never again produced anything like Astral Weeks. But who did?

Sacred Cows: the undeserved cult love for The Big Lebowski

, Jun 06, 2018

Critics who have come to praise the Coen brothers' The Big Lebowski are victims of cult followers' persistence, psycho-semiotic babble and zealotry.

So you’ve been falsely identified as an erectile dysfunction ambassador

, Jun 05, 2018

Eddie McGuire was used in a fake article endorsing an erectile dysfunction supplement last month. He said he'd sue, but is there any point? What's the smart play here?