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Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo (Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

'A museum murder': heritage experts slam Powerhouse plan

The decision to relocate Powerhouse Museum from Ultimo to Parramatta has been called "shameful" and "a global embarrassment". Crikey asks the experts whether these descriptions are fair, and what the future of the museum looks like.

Channel 31's iconic "fishcam".

White dot fever: cleaning up spectrum kills off Channel 31 for no good reason

It's time to rally once again in support of community television.

Julian Assange on a balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London (Image: AAP/Lloyd Jones)

The botched extortion scheme that forced the UK's hand on Assange

Read an extract from the updated edition of The Most Dangerous Man in the World, Andrew Fowler's definitive book about Julian Assange.

(Image: Getty/

How small is the government's arts package? Very, very small

The government's arts assistance package, like its state equivalents, is trivial given the size of the industry and the catastrophe that has befallen it.

Bettina Arndt (Image: Facebook)

Will Bettina Arndt join the Order of Australia's shame file?

Over its 45-year history, the Council of the Order of Australia has stripped awards from 46 people. Is Bettina Arndt next?

(Image: Unsplash/Jeremy Yap)

Nine anti-racist movies to watch

Wondering what anti-racist movies you should be getting stuck into? Here's nine to add to your list.

(Image: Unsplash/Kiran CK)

Five anti-racist podcasts you should listen to

Here are the anti-racist podcasts that will help you better understand racism in the United States.

(Image: Unsplash/Vince Fleming)

How can you make a difference to fight racism?

Racism isn't just an issue in the United States; it's a global pandemic. Here are ways you can make a difference to fight racism.

(Image: Crikey)

Nine anti-racist books you need to read

Wondering how to better educate yourself on the lives of POC? Look no further.

(Image: Unsplash/Johan Mouchet)

Indigenous, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders? It’s not black and white

How do you refer to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders? Unpicking the terminology around how Australia’s first people are reported in the media means navigating a minefield packed with political explosives.

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