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Jumbo jet “eats” a whole luggage container

Crikey May 13, 2009

Ever wondered where lost baggage goes? Mystery solved: the plane eats them. A Japan Airlines plane at LAX sucked a luggage container into one of its engines, forcing the plane to be grounded.

Obama tourism boom in Chicago

Crikey Intern May 13, 2009

Chicago is experiencing a tourism revival thanks to its newest tourist attraction: Barack Obama. Tourists are looking to find the 'real' Obama and the tourist office now has 30 trained Obama tour leaders to help them.

Cheap and nasty: fast food in the recession

Crikey May 12, 2009

Fast food can suddenly look very appetising when your wallet is lean. Fast food companies in the US are spruiking their budget options, but how do they stack up?

Mooove over: boutique milk brands growing

Crikey May 12, 2009

Consumers in Victoria are heading back to the farm and looking for a more authentic milk taste, writes Richard Cornish.

Check ate

Check ate

Crikey May 11, 2009

Artist Tattfoo Tan explores ideas of food and play, replacing plastic checker and chess sets with edible cookies in flavours like cream filled ginger (recipes are up on his site).

Fine dining off the menu in New York

Crikey May 11, 2009

In New York, a certain elevated culinary ecosystem that has long characterised metropolitan life has begun to feel threatened. The chic Madison Avenue café scene has enjoyed better days.

Here’s to vintage London

Crikey May 6, 2009

London's first commercial vineyard since medieval times was planted yesterday.

Home for the holidays

Crikey May 6, 2009

Think global, act local. Rather than cancelling the beach holiday this year, why not dump two tonnes of sand in your backyard to sink the deckchair into? Or at least, learn to rediscover your home town.

Mexicans travellers face discrimination

Crikey May 4, 2009

Mexicans abroad are being quarantined and denied entry to countries, despite showing no signs of swine flu.

Food bloggers have standards too

Crikey May 1, 2009

Introducing the Food Blog Code Of Ethics. A way for food bloggers to show they're serious about their lavosh and brie.