May, 2013

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Them’s the brakes: why are Australians driving less?

, May 02, 2013

Although there’s a lot of variation across countries, westerners are generally driving less. Alan Davies explores why.
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Perry, Kwong, Moran … Murdoch: celebrity chef site wins backing

, Apr 22, 2013

Celebrity chef website Eatlove has secured partnerships with some of the top foodies in Australia, yet publishers and a Murdoch, writes StartUp Smart reporter Michelle Hammond.
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Photo gallery: the beauty of Figbirds in a fig tree

, Apr 21, 2013

Sometimes birds are hard to find. Sometimes not. Bob Gosford takes two steps from his bed and finds an ornithorium of wonder and beauty.
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Shocking reality of Aussie drinking: it’s in moderation, and declining

, Apr 19, 2013

Despite the claims of anti-alcohol campaigners, Australians are drinking less -- yes, even Generation Y.
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The story of the Broken Hill Table Tennis Club — and its significance for rural health

, Apr 11, 2013

The story of the Broken Hill Table Tennis Club tells us something about how the social and economic fortunes of mining towns can rise and fall -- with wide-ranging implications for health, writes Melissa Sweet.
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The Schapelle tax: travellers should pay a $5 DFAT levy

, Mar 27, 2013

Australians demand too much of our consular services when overseas. If we want gold-class care -- with DFAT under increasing strain -- travellers should have to pay for it, argues Lowy Institute fellow Alex Oliver.
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BBC’s loss may be Lonely Planet’s biggest adventure

, Mar 20, 2013

Lonely Planet continues its global nomadism, with BBC selling up the travel giant to a reclusive US billionaire's company. What next for the traveller's bible?
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Horses for courses: is $400 Phar Lap in the Pal?

, Mar 01, 2013

Horses bred for the racing industry are ending up as dog food or sold for human consumption, whether they are too old to race or never made the grade, writes Crikey intern Michelle Slater.
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Meet Titanic II: everything you need to know about Clive’s ark

, Feb 27, 2013

Clive Palmer's Titanic II will have a high-tech engine, air conditioning, a hospital, a helipad ... and more lifeboats. But you'll still be able to dine in early-20th century finery.

From flood to famine, and now China wants more oil

, Feb 05, 2013

After months of economic recession, the people of Spain might have a bigger problem: there's not enough oil to go around. Rising demand overseas has seen a flood turn to shortages.
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Big hearts of the Mississippi

, Feb 01, 2013

One thing Bob Gosford admires about the Quapaw Canoe Company and the Lower Mississippi River Foundation is that they have always reached out beyond a good time getting wet.
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A bowl of chili with a side serving of Obama watching

, Jan 25, 2013

This week the world’s spotlight was on Washington D.C., to watch the second inauguration of President Obama. Freelance journalist — and former local — Robert Baird dishes on the best secret spots in the Capital.
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Riding through rain-filled avalanches on treacherous mountains in Georgia

, Jan 18, 2013

K Johnson rode through treacherous mountains in Georgia, with constant mini-avalanches and rain pouring down, in search of the town of Vardzia.
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War on arak: how to get drunk in Bali without getting blind

, Jan 10, 2013

Australians have died and been blinded by dodgy drinks in Indonesia. Crikey intern Jemimah Clegg investigates the mysterious beverage that is arak, why people are drinking it -- and what can go wrong.
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Is Macca’s supersizing our cops? Fast food perks for law officers

, Jan 09, 2013

McDonald's and Krispy Kreme entice cops and emergency services staff through the door with free or discounted fast food. Could these perks lead to corruption, and should they be banned?
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Tuning into redneck radio on Route 66

, Dec 20, 2012

'You can buy an acre of land here for about the price of a pack of cigarettes.' Bob Gosford, rolling onto Route 66, tunes into redneck radio and discovers soul-destroying piss and blather.
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On the border, down Pakistan way, between Iraq and a hard place

, Dec 13, 2012

Traveller K Johnson takes a winding mountain road to the east of Piranshahr in Pakistan and attempts to cross the border into Iraq, but all does not go to plan…
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Warnings from a seasoned traveller: do not attempt the Albanian bus system

, Dec 06, 2012

Former tour guide Carla Pratt figured it took a lot to rattle her when travelling. But a simple bus trip in Albania was enough to make her question all her travel skills.
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Phuket’s red light women trade where it’s ‘no big deal’

, Dec 05, 2012

Bangla Road in Phuket is one of the world's best-known red light districts for tourists. But life for prostitutes isn't exactly what Liam Engel, an Australian writer, expected.