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(Image: AAP/James Gourley)

Where can we go on holidays now? How will we get there?

'The democratisation of travel might be over. We may be seeing travel return to its status as an elite pursuit.'

Lake Tyrrell, victoria (Image: Visit Melbourne)

Coronavirus reroutes travel industry to dark — but not uncharted — territory

Parts of Australia that were enjoying a tourism boom are now experiencing a serious decline due to COVID-19.

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Coronavirus hits Australian wine exports hard

The Australian wine industry has already taken a hit due to the bushfires. Further loss of sales could be devastating.

A Keep Sydney Open rally in 2016 (Image: AAP/Paul Miler)

Is this really the end of the 'L word'?

No matter how loud the noise opposing Sydney's lockout laws was, it was met with silence from the state government. Now, we have a bizarre reversal...

(Image: AAP/Paul Braven)

Australia's most liveable cities are only liveable for some

Australian cities' celebrated 'liveability' is being hoarded by a lucky few. Until we focus on growing urban disparity, this won't change for generations.

Margaret Fulton receiving her Australia Post Legend award in 2014 (Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

Vale Margaret Fulton, Australia's ultimate master chef

Boundlessly inquisitive, quietly political and full of sass, Margaret Fulton saw life as an adventure and wanted to bring everyone along for the ride.

(Image: Unsplash/Paolo Bendandi)

Bar naan: Brexit shuts the door on migrants and their delicious cuisines

We are what we eat — so as more and more restaurants close their doors, what does the increasingly bland state of British cuisine say about underlying attitudes?

The beach shacks at Era, NSW (Image: Georgia Holloway)

Inside one of Australia's most historic beach shack communities

The residents at Era don't have phone reception, roads or 21st century amenities, but they have plenty of stories to tell.

North Korea or not, travel writing is nearly always a mess of political bias

Labor MP Tim Watts thinks a Honi Soit writer and his student editors should be "ashamed". But if we're looking to call out ideological travelogues, there are many more to choose from.

Not the author's actual petit-fours. Image credit: Sheri Silver/Unsplash

The secret to taking your mind off civilisation's inevitable decay

Afternoon tea is one of the most satisfying and direct routes to denying the horrendous state of the world.

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