April, 2018

The only band that matters isn’t a band anymore

, Apr 20, 2018

Kendrick Lamar's Pulitzer win seemed surprising to many. But, when you think about the state of popular music, it makes total sense.

Deborah Cheetham is done with ‘cleaning up the mess of a white man’

, Mar 14, 2018

While the furore may have died down surrounding poor and inaccurate research in a book detailing Indigenous women musicians, Deborah Cheetham says the issue is an exhausting and common one that Indigenous Australians face regularly.

The reluctant revolutionaries of Australian music’s #MeToo moment

, Feb 28, 2018

Camp Cope has become a force to reckon with on issues of gender disparity and harassment, but in the midst of "shitstorms" and abuse, they argue it's time for men to fix their own mess.

Ed-onomics: could popstars like Ed Sheeran bankrupt Australia?

, Feb 20, 2018

The upcoming Australian tour is set to move so much money that it has more in common with a significant import than a pop act.

Unique conditions of the music industry allow sexual harassment to thrive

, Dec 19, 2017

As victims from the music industry come forward with their stories, Crikey asks what is it that is unique to the music scene that allows this behavior to flourish?

Farewelling Malcolm Young with hymns, fans and family

, Nov 29, 2017

The legendary AC/DC guitarist, whose funeral was this week, was remembered as a loyal and loving artist.

Smooth operators: Crikey’s top five all-Aussie political anthems

, Nov 22, 2017

Our favourite (not necessarily in a good way) political party songs.

Rundle: Fats Domino is gone and there won’t be another like him

, Oct 26, 2017

Born in New Orleans Ninth Ward, where he lived until Hurricane Katrina drove him out, Fats Domino left school at grade four, and worked as an iceman’s apprentice, until his uncle taught him piano. And that was that.
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Breakdown: how did so many outlets bungle news of Tom Petty’s ‘death’?

, Oct 03, 2017

News outlets were free fallin' into fake news cycles when CBS reported Tom Petty's death.

‘Many years from now’: Sgt Pepper’s is not the album you remember

, Jun 02, 2017

The primary appeal of Sgt Pepper has, from the very beginning, been as much about nostalgia as music.

Funky see, funky do: the story behind the most sampled drummer break in history

, Apr 07, 2017

The complicated legacy of a modestly remunerated session musician who changed pop music forever.

Do pill-testing kits encourage illegal drug use?

, Nov 29, 2016

With summer music season upon us, the debate around pill testing has been revived. Should drug users be able to tell if they are consuming what they think they are, or does pill testing encourage drug use? Crikey intern Tamsin Rose reports.

Rundle: without arrogance, or even temper, Leonard Cohen summoned transcendence

, Nov 14, 2016

His voice was not suited to the times, at first; soon, the times remade themselves for his voice.

Bob Dylan should not have won a Nobel Prize for literature

, Oct 20, 2016

If the Nobel committee wants to give out a prize for music, they need to create a category for music. Dylan's lyrics alone do not deserve a literature prize.

Music industry seeks to block non-existent KickAss piracy site

, Jul 22, 2016

Popular torrents website Kick Ass is dead. But the Australian music industry is suing anyway.
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What went wrong at Mess + Noise?

, Aug 03, 2015

Mess + Noise covered all the music that the rest wouldn’t touch. Along the way, it provided an important early platform for some of Australia’s best music writers, writes former Mess + Noise contributor Annie Toller .
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Barnesy working hard to make a living, but Reclaim Australia have done the right thing

, Jul 23, 2015

Jimmy Barnes has not said he is suing Reclaim Australia for promoting an anti-tolerance message he abhors. But he still could.
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Apple leaves musicians up shit stream without a paddle

, Jul 09, 2015

Will Apple Music be a game-changer for recording artists? Perhaps, but not in a good way, writes freelance journalist Gram Morris.
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Take a chance on me: Guy Sebastian a Euro disappointment

, Mar 06, 2015

With so many talented musicians who represent Australian culture, why have our SBS overlords chosen a mainstream pop singer to represent us in Eurovision? Freelance writer and musician Chris Endrey explores the issue.