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George Christensen

Lest we forget George Christensen's selective approach to free speech

George Christensen has inserted himself into a debate about politically contentious art. Crikey takes a look back at the MP's mixed messaging on the issue of free speech.

Olympia Nelson in front of the controversial work. (Image: Chelsea Cucinotta).

Mother's muse: looking back on a photograph that shocked Australia

Aged 11, Olympia Nelson found herself at the centre of a media storm, after a nude photograph, taken by her late mother, Polixeni Papaetrou, landed on the cover of Art Monthly. Now, she's back in Melbourne for a new exhibition of her mum's work.

The face that has divided (and defined) a community

If continuing controversy is a metric of success in Australian public art, then this Perth work is a masterpiece.

The fight for heritage is so much more than it seems 

Our sites of power and authority — the parliaments, courts and cathedrals — remain, while vast amounts of what made up the best parts of people's lives vanish without trace.

How the world is reacting to Mark Knight's Serena Williams comic

We are small nation, but punch well above our weight when it comes to blithe racism.

EXCLUSIVE: at home with Leunig, drinking breakfast absinthe on fairy floss carpet

Satirist Ben Pobjie recounts a delightful afternoon he spent in the company of Australia's leading cloud cartoonist.

Keane: the doomed quest for meaning in Twin Peaks

If there's meaning in Twin Peaks: The Return, it lies in the meaninglessness of existence, and how we can best cope with it.

No one dunnit: Australia’s greatest art forgery was … a fake.

A jury’s verdict overturned, a Crown case in shambles and two men convicted of forging and selling Brett Whiteley paintings set free. There is a book in the works, and no doubt a movie will follow - freelance journalist Angus Smith explains what went wrong.

Fashism: natty dressing and a history of violence

Dress codes are techniques of controlling people by regulating their bodies. And no one knows that better than fascists.

Are the 'fake' Brett Whiteleys genuine after all?

A jury found an art conservator and an art dealer guilty of forging Brett Whiteley paintings. But the judge in the case seems to think they might be genuine after all. Freelance journalist Angus Smith reports.

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