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Julian Assange on a balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London (Image: AAP/Lloyd Jones)

The botched extortion scheme that forced the UK's hand on Assange

Read an extract from the updated edition of The Most Dangerous Man in the World, Andrew Fowler's definitive book about Julian Assange.

(Image: Getty/

How small is the government's arts package? Very, very small

The government's arts assistance package, like its state equivalents, is trivial given the size of the industry and the catastrophe that has befallen it.

(Image: Crikey)

Nine anti-racist books you need to read

Wondering how to better educate yourself on the lives of POC? Look no further.

The Carriageworks arts precinct. (Image: AAP/Dan Himbrechts)

To save the arts we don't need lobbyists, we need movie stars

Behind-the-scenes lobbying for the arts has been far less effective than using public figures to garner support. It's time for our stars to shine.

The Carriageworks arts precinct. (Image: AAP/Dan Himbrechts)

Under COVID cover, Morrison enacts a war on culture — and wins

Australia has been letting the arts die by a thousand cuts for years — COVID-19 was just the latest stroke.

The Carriageworks arts precinct. (Image: AAP/Dan Himbrechts)

Carriageworks collapse is just the tip of the iceberg in virus-inspired arts crisis

Sydney's Carriageworks arts precinct has gone into voluntary administration, just one sign of the trouble facing the arts sector.

Central Station Records in 1978 (Image: Supplied)

The record label that beat down Murdoch goes to No. 1

The David of record labels took on the 'big six' Goliaths and won, and changed the face of music in Australia.

Author and journalist Jess Hill speaking in 2017 (Image: AAP/Paul Miller)

Silence be damned: book for these troubled times takes out top prize

2020 Stella Prize winner See What You Made Me Do, an examination of domestic violence, is a fitting book for Australia's unprecedented crisis.

'Yabarra: Dreaming in Light' at the Adelaide Fringe Festival (Image:  Adelaide Fringe)

Old ways, new thinking: Fringe reinvents the wheel to bring Dreamtime story to life

Yabarra: Dreaming in Light at the Adelaide Fringe is an experience 6000 years in the making, and the story of how it came together is just as fascinating.

(Image: AAP/David Crosling)

Why Shorten really lost: four new things to learn about last year's election

Party Animals retells the lead-up to Labor's historic loss at last year's election. Crikey looks at the biggest revelations.