Kim Jong-Il

Country: North Korea
Ruled: 1994-2011
Deposed: You wish
Exiled: Not yet
Wealth: $4 billion

Kim Jong-Il is a founding member of the Axis of Evil and surely the world’s worst dictator. Not only is the Dear Leader’s regime one of the most repressive, with 250,000 political prisoners in concentration camps, but North Korea’s economy is a basket case, with regular food shortages and famines. In the 1990s 3.5 million people are thought to have died of starvation, yet North Korea maintains the fourth-largest standing army in the world and boasts of nuclear weapons to blackmail the USA into giving aid. Meanwhile, Kim is believed to have milked his fellow citizens of $4 billion and banked the loot in Switzerland and Luxembourg. Kim took over from his dictator father, Kim Il Sung, in 1994 and will likely hand over to his youngest son, the equally unpleasant Kim Yong Un, when he dies. Kim is 69 and recently had a stroke. Or, if you believe some experts, kicked the bucket back in 2003 and has been replaced by a lookalike.