Just Chew It: Solo

Australian drink manufactured by Schweppes Australia, which is now owned by Japanese brewing company Asahi.

Ad spend Australia: $11 million

Sports: Solo is a commercial partner of Football Federation Australia, and a sponsor of the Socceroos and A-League Soccer

Stars: Harry Kewell and the Socceroos. Cathy Freeman, Wendell Sailor, Leisel Jones, Steven Bradbury.

Targeting kids:  Solo runs promotions at Socceroos games with giveaways and competitions that appeal to kids. Harry Kewell’s latest Solo ad features pre-teens.

Ads: Various ads with Harry Kewell and Socceroos.

Food Facts:  Solo contains water, salt, flavouring, colouring and lots of sugar.

Expert Verdict: “One can gives kids 45 grams or ten teaspoonfuls of sugar, almost half the adult recommended daily intake. What parent would dissolve ten cubes of sugar in a big glass of water and not expect big bills from their dentist? The evidence about soft drinks contributing to weight gain in children and teenagers should come as no surprise when you realize that each can of soft drink is so high in sugar.” Kathy Chapman, NSW Cancer Council nutritionist.