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Cleaning, fruit-picking, factory work — there are a lot of jobs Australians just don’t want to do, which has led to the creation of an ‘imported workforce’. This INQ series looks at how Australia’s visa system is being gamed to bring thousands of low-paid workers to our shores, and puts the spotlight on the fixers and big businesses profiting from a system in meltdown.


Forget boat people, ‘refugees’ arriving at airports are gaming the system on a grand scale

While politicians and the media focus on people arriving by boat, asylum seekers are entering the country by plane in massive numbers — and the system can't keep up.


Migrant workers are overworked, intimidated and even killed on Australian farms

Australia's supermarket duopoly sits at the head of a production chain that holds labourers in slave-like conditions, putting them at risk of serious injury or death.


The stark reality of modern slavery in Australia

Slavery exists in Australia in 2019, and the laws to prevent it are being systematically eroded.