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More than 170 Australian mining companies have moved into Africa, digging up everything from gold to cobalt to uranium. Are they helping stimulate growth and reduce poverty in the world’s most disadvantaged nations — or is there another side to this story? Who are the winners and losers in Australia’s latest mining boom?


The new frontier

Mining in Africa's developing nations can be fraught, with both small cap companies and governments looking to make sizable profits. But who are the winners and losers in this mad dash for cash?


Dirty money and blurred lines

It’s the new frontier for Australian mining but our fraught expansion into Africa now goes back decades, and early missteps in the continent are proving hard to shake off.


Can Australian companies escape doing deals with dictators?

Few places are considered off limits for Australian mining companies operating in Africa, including Eritrea, one of the most repressed and politically unstable places in the world.