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We live in a frenetic 24/7 news cycle, and consecutive studies have shown that the media has never enjoyed less trust from the public than it does now.

In this series, INQ looks at how for the tabloid media being “first” is nearly always more important than being right — or being human. Over three parts we’ve drawn on wide-ranging interviews, studies and published works to give the most detailed insight into how the media hunt down their “talent”, what happens to those people after the story fades from the front pages, and the mercenaries making a fortune off the entire industry.


The Perpetrators: how the media ‘hunts down’ their ‘talent’

Reporters stalking their victims need to be ruthless and persistent. The techniques are varied and ubiquitous. Today, INQ pulls back the curtain on those techniques.


The Victims: what it’s like to live inside the eye of a media storm

INQ explores several case studies of Australians victimised by intrusive reporting.


The Profiteers: getting someone out of the news spotlight is big business

When the proverbial hits the fan and someone becomes engulfed in a media storm, there’s an army of people ready to clean up, for a price.