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‘Doctored’ documents, extortion fears, political bastardry and bizarre stonewalling: the story of George Christensen’s travel to South East Asia, and the AFP’s related inquiries, has everything.

In this series, Inq tries to piece together the story of what happened, where the unanswered questions lie and how Christensen survived a potential scandal. A call from George himself, on his wedding night, only deepens the mystery.


George calls on his wedding night to set the record straight(ish)

George Christensen calls Inq on his wedding night to address what he has called a 'vile and hateful' smear campaign against him. But key questions remain unanswered...


The AFP sniffs a security risk, the tabloids sniff a story

When the George Christensen travel story first broke, there was a lot we didn’t know. It's now clear that story started well before the headlines...


When is an investigation not an investigation?

Talking to George Christensen about his travel saga was like trying to cross a semantic minefield. Here's some more of what Inq gleaned when he called us on his wedding night...


The sucker-punch that never landed

Journalists were trying to land a story about George Christensen's travel for months. As soon as they did, it was framed as a beat-up. Inq takes a look behind the scenes.


The view from NQ: who gives a shit?

The George Christensen travel saga made big waves 'down south'. But how do the people in his north Queensland electorate feel about it?