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‘We need an agency with real teeth’: disability sector calls for reform following David Harris’ death 

The disability sector says the death of David Harris, revealed last week by Inq, shows what is wrong with the system.

David Harris with his sister Leanne Longstaff. (Image: Supplied)

Neglected to death: David Harris’ life reveals the awful burden of mental illness

In the last months of his life, David Harris was gradually cut off from the mental health system that should have been supporting him.

Journalist Carol Altmann  (Image: Supplied)

Filling the void: the new wave fighting to keep regional media alive

With newsrooms going dark across regional Australia, journalists and locals are fighting to fill the gap. Will it be enough to save regional media?

Inq’s mission is investigative reporting that digs, questions, probes, analyses and scrutinises — relentlessly and without fear or favour.

Inq is part of Crikey, Australia’s most vigorously independent news publication, with almost 20 years of fearless journalism under its belt.

South Australian journalist Peri Strathearn. (Image: Supplied)

‘How are we going to know who’s died?’ The cost of losing regional news

Regional news is facing a mass extinction event. Can communities survive without their local papers?

A Falun Gong rally in Sydney on August 24, 2019. (Image: AAP/Jeremy Piper)

Morrison’s China push feeds local QAnon theorists who say Satanists rule world

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's call for an investigation into China's handling of the coronavirus has provided fresh content for Australian conspiracy theorists.

Donald Trump with White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr Deborah Birx (Image: AP/Alex Brandon)

An incomplete list of Trump’s favourite conspiracy theories

Donald Trump leaned on conspiracy theories long before he became president. Why would he stop now?

Lockdown protesters outside Parliament House in Melbourne (Image: AAP/Scott Barbour)

Supercharged conspiracy theorists are no longer a laughing matter

Conspiracy theorists are becoming more globalised, more extreme and more violent.

(Image: Adobe)

The Pell legacy IV: just who do cops, journalists and juries believe anymore?

If journalists are unable to apply a sceptical eye to extraordinary stories, then why would 12 citizens chosen at random from the street do any better?

Xi Jinping and Scott Morrison

Stop the bats — all the ways Australia and its allies areblaming China for COVID-19

Australian political and business leaders are at odds on how to blame — or acquit — China for its role in the spread of COVID-19.