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The conflicted interests of Bridget ‘Beretta’ McKenzie: Exhibits B and C

Senator McKenzie is far from the only politician to benefit from the generosity of special interest groups.

The conflicted interests of Bridget ‘Beretta’ McKenzie: Exhibit A

The sports rorts affair showed why we need a transparent goverment. Inq examines the case against then-sports minister Bridget McKenzie.

#29Leaks: has the ADF been caught up in a Russian money laundering scheme?

As part of the #29Leaks data leak, Inq and Michael West Media investigate a disturbing story involving the ADF, Russian contractors, and allegations of money laundering using Australian taxpayer funds.

Why did the government declare war on the AAT? To uphold ‘community standards’

CHAPTER ELEVEN: The government justifies its reshaping of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal by claiming it brings it into line with 'community standards'. For some seeking the tribunal's judgement, the changes could mean life or death.

INQ’s mission is investigative reporting that digs, questions, probes, analyses and scrutinises — relentlessly and without fear or favour.

INQ is part of Crikey, Australia’s most vigorously independent news publication, with almost 20 years of fearless journalism under its belt.

Ruby Princess debacle: just why were infected passengers allowed home?

A harrowing story points to a potential spread of COVID-19 from the Ruby Princess cruise ship far beyond Australia's shores, with passengers heading on to a dozen different countries.

The PM’s pick finally faces a Senate grilling over sports rort

With many pressing questions so far going unanswered, what will the Senate uncover of Phil Gaetjens' investigation into the sports rorts scandal?

Grand Prix chaos puts the spotlight on secretive deal

The shambolic handling of the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix raises questions about the arrangement between Formula One and the Victorian government.

Coronavirus reroutes travel industry to dark — but not uncharted — territory

Parts of Australia that were enjoying a tourism boom are now experiencing a serious decline due to COVID-19.

Inside story: who — or what — killed Australian Associated Press?

The collapse of AAP is symptomatic of what's been happening to news agencies around the world. But that doesn't mean it was inevitable.