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Morrison does religion and politics — but you might not know where one stops and the other begins

Scott Morrison's Pentecostal faith has clearly influenced his decision-making while in office. Just look at his support for Brian Houston in the face of a royal commission finding.

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The Hillsong way: where free labour for God is just the beginning

A law firm's review into Hillsong College has found instances of racism, sexism and favouritism in the megachurch's training ground for pastors.

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The multi-storey house that Frank built

Frank Houston's skill and success at making a profit from religion was a cover for his secret life as an abuser of children.

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The long road to prosecution: why did it take six years for police to charge Brian Houston?

Despite a royal commission referral, it took years for NSW Police to act. Was it a matter of building a case, or was something else at play?

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David Cowdrey knows how the Houstons operate — and now he’s telling his story

Six decades ago he was a family friend — and a victim — of pastor Frank Houston. For the first time he's telling his story in full.

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The legal case against Brian Houston pales in comparison to the church’s moral failure

Rather than provide solace and redress to those found to have suffered child sexual abuse, figures in the Pentecostal church offered only resistance and obstruction.

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Sins of the father — The dark past of Australia’s megachurch

The criminal charge of concealment laid against Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston relates to events more than two decades ago. But time has not dulled the pain caused by his father, Frank.

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What do we know, and what can we say, about the charges against Scott Morrison’s spiritual mentor?

Brian Houston, one of Hillsong's most powerful players, has been charged with concealing child abuse. It's a crime that carries a five-year prison sentence.

Scott Morrison and Tim Stewart

The PM has dodged the R-word for too long. We’re breaking media convention to force him out

Scott Morrison must answer questions about inserting the word "ritual" into the apology to survivors of child sex abuse. His silence speaks volumes.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison makes his 'sorry' speech in October 2018

The Awakening: milestones in the Morrison-Stewart relationship in the era of QAnon

From the first day of Scott Morrison's prime ministership, Tim Stewart was 'rebuilding a new identity'— and following his mate's words closely.