Innivation In Journalism

So much of what is described as innovation in our major news companies is in fact nothing of the sort. This series is intended as a counter to the idea that if only we can discover the magical key then it will be possible for big companies to keep on doing pretty much what they have always done.

Margaret Simons will look at experiments and innovations from thinkers and practitioners here and overseas. It will focus, not on delivery mechanisms for their own sake, but on what the technology is good for. This isn’t about tweaking or tinkering. It’s about starting again.

Innovation in journalism: looking to collaborate
If we are to preserve journalistic capacity, if we are to engage the support of society at large for what journalists do, it may be time to drop our fists a little, and examine the possibilities of alliance.

Innovation in Journalism: real news … power to the people
Acts of journalism by the citizenry are powerful, important, and will not go away.

Innovation in Journalism: the death roll that is politics
At the moment politicians and reporters seem to be locked into a death roll. Both sides know they need to change, but neither side is able to break free.

Innovation in journalism: the age of the search engine
If the theme of the decades after the invention of the Gutenberg printing press was “publish”, the theme of today might well be “search”.

Innovation in journalism: let the games begin
This week, I want to talk about games people might play. Games that journalists could inform, write and help to build.

Innovation in journalism: an example of how to do it — profitably
This is the first episode in a regular Monday series of articles I have been promising to write for some time. It is about innovation in journalism. That is, it is about how we might innovate in the core product of news organisations.