Hug a Climate Scientist Day 2012!

Hi Science fans! This press release was sent out by the First Dog on the Moon Institute to EVERY SCIENTIST AND SCIENCE JOURNALIST ON EARTH (or at least some of them). Our aim is to show how much we appreciate the work Climate Scientists do by giving them a bit of a hug.

The Institute would be delighted if any interested individuals were to forward photographs of themselves hugging or being hugged by an actual Climate Scientist to [email protected]. You could even WIN a First Dog on the Moon mouse pad.

We are also selling “Hug a Climate Scientist Day” T-shirts. And look, if we sell more than say, 10 shirts we will probably donate some of the profits to a climate related charity like… buying beer for some of the Crikey people or even one of those animals endangered by rising sea levels ones — you know save the lemurs from drowning or dolphins or something.