Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Enquiries

  1. Why haven’t I received my free trial activation email?

    First off, we’d like to welcome you to the Crikey family!

    To activate your 21 day free trial, you have to confirm your email address by clicking on the link in your activation email. Sometimes this email ends up in your junk/spam folder, so if you haven’t received your activation email yet, please check there first. If you still haven’t received your activation email, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.

  2. Why is my subscription promo code not working?

    Firstly, please check the expiry of the promo code you received before trying to use it. You may only be able to use some of our promo codes with particular types of memberships. If it is still not working for you, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.

  3. What happens to my account after the free trial has expired?

    Once your free trial expires, you will no longer have full access to Crikey articles. If you would like to continue to have access to Crikey, you can find all subscription information here.

  4. How do I cancel my subscription?

    First, sign into the website and visit your 'my account' page.

    In the 'Subscription and Payment Details' section, you will see your active subscription toggled to 'auto-renew'. To cancel, simply switch this toggle to 'manual renew'.

    Alternatively you can cancel by contacting [email protected] or by calling 03 8623 9900.

    Once your subscription is cancelled, no further payments will be taken and your subscription will expire at the end of your billing period.

  5. Who qualifies for a student/concession subscription?

    Concession discounts are available to all subscribers who hold a valid Australian concession card, eg: senior’s card, pension card, student card or health-care card. To apply for a concession discount, please send a scanned or photographed copy of your concession card to [email protected]. Concession prices:

    Concession Annual Subscription $159 per year
    Concession Monthly Subscription $15.90 per month

General Questions

  1. Are you on social media?

    Yes we are! You can follow us at:

    Twitter: @crikey_news



    Please read our social media policy if you plan on following us.

  2. I want to to be a part of the Crikey team, where can I find open vacancies?

    You can find all open jobs here.

  3. Why aren’t my comments publishing?

    Our comment moderation system is imperfect unfortunately and sometimes catches otherwise benign comments. Links, swear words, names or extra long comments can be held up in moderation. There are also a list of words that are otherwise innocuous but we need to flag in our moderation as they are the best means we have of capturing inappropriate comments. Due to the high volume of comments we receive, please allow up to 48 hours for comments to be processed through moderation. To read more about our moderation guidelines, please visit here.  

  4. How do I update my credit card details?

    To update your credit card details please sign into your Crikey Membership and visit the Member Portal.

    In the overview section of the Member Portal please scroll to the bottom of the page to Billing Details. You are able to update your credit card details here.

    Please note when updating your Credit card you will need to re-enter your full credit card details including name, credit card number, expiry date and CVV.

  5. Where can I submit a tip/story for editorial consideration?

    All editorial enquiries or submissions can be emailed through to: [email protected]

     Alternatively, you can submit a tip anonymously via the ‘TIP OFF’ page here.

  6. Where can I submit feedback?

    Subscription feedback can be sent through to: [email protected]

    Editorial feedback can be sent through to: [email protected]

  7. Is there a Crikey mobile app?

    For a while we ran with a Crikey app which was available on iPhone only. With recent changes to Apple’s iOS, the app is no longer supported and is therefore unavailable to update or download.

Account Management

  1. Why am I receiving renewal or subscription reminders?

    Crikey sends you reminders towards the end of your subscription to let you know that your subscription is expiring and to make sure you renew before you miss any editions. We get a lot of feedback from people who appreciate the nudge to keep their subscription going. Once you’ve renewed your subscription, they’ll stop.

    If you have recently renewed your subscription but find you are still receiving these reminders, they are probably being triggered by another email address that you have previously registered with Crikey. Please contact us at [email protected] and we will have a look for you. 

  2. I would like to suspend my subscription between two dates – how do I do this?

    If for any period of time you will be unable to access your Crikey subscription – for example, if you are travelling and will have minimal internet access – you can suspend your subscription between two dates. This will stop your Crikey subscription for a certain number of days and add those days to your existing subscription expiration date.

     To organise a subscription suspension please contact us at [email protected] or by calling 03 8623 9900 during business hours AEST.

  3. Where can I see when my Membership is due for renewal?

    If you would like to check when your Crikey Membership is next due for renewal please sign into your Crikey account and visit the Member Portal, by clicking the ‘My Account’ option in the top right hand corner. Here you will find all of the details regarding your Crikey Membership including your next renewal date.

  4. How do I change the personal details on my subscription?

    To update your personal details, sign into the website and go to the 'My Account' page.

    You can also update details by contacting support at [email protected] or by calling 03 8623 9900 during business hours AEST.

Access Issues

  1. Why do I have to keep logging into my account when I click a link in your emails?

    We get that this can be annoying so we have a few suggestions that may be able to help you with this. So that you do not have to continuously log into your account when you click on links in our emails, firstly you must make sure that you have ticked the ‘remember me’ box when you log in.

    When logging in, your browser will ask whether you would like it to remember your login details. To save you from having to type in your username and password repeatedly, please prompt your internet browser to save your login details. If your browser doesn’t ask whether you would like to remember your login details, we recommend that you clear your internet history, cookies and cache and try logging in again.

    If you are using your mobile, clicking on a link from your email client will often take you to a customised in-app experience. This will not store any cookie data required to automatically log you in, meaning you have to login each time. It’s stupendously annoying.

    If it is still not working, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.

  2. I have an active subscription, but I’m not receiving any emails. Why is this happening?

    As a first step we would recommend checking your Junk/SPAM folder to ensure the emails are not being filtered in there.

    We would also recommend you add [email protected] to your email contacts list, to help your mail server recognise Crikey as a safe sender and prevent blocks in future.

    If you do not have anything in your Junk/SPAM, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to investigate further for you.

  3. How can I get in touch with Crikey support?

    If you are having any issues with your account, the website, or simply have a question, please get in touch with us at: [email protected]. You can also get in touch with us through Facebook by messaging us hereOur support team will be able to assist you from Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm.

  4. Where can I see past editions of the Crikey Insider bulletin?

    The ten most recent editions of the Crikey Insider are published on the 'Insider' page of the website. To find this page, sign into your subscription and hover over the 'Account' link in the top right-hand corner of the screen and click on 'Crikey Daily'.

  5. I’m having trouble logging into the website – how can this be resolved?

    To log into the website, use your email address as your user name and state your password.

     If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can reset your password by following this link.

    Please note there are often 5-10 minute delays after resetting your password before the system will allow you to log on.

Gift Subscriptions

  1. Can I purchase a gift subscription for myself?

    No - You can only purchase a gift subscription for someone else.

  2. How are gift subscription purchases billed?

    We accept all major Credit Cards.

  3. I tried to give a gift subscription and the recipient never got the redemption email — what should I do?

    The activation email will not be sent until the date that you allocated when purchasing the gift subscription. If the date that you allocated has already passed please email [email protected]

  4. How is the gift subscription delivered?

    You will need to provide the recipient's email address when purchasing the gift. The gift recipient will receive an email notifying them that you purchased them an annual subscription, this email will include an activation code and your personalised message. You will be able to allocate a date when you would like gift subscription activation email sent.


  5. Can I purchase a gift subscription for someone who is already a subscriber?

    Yes you can - the gift subscription will be allocated to the end of the recipients existing subscription.

  6. What are gift subscriptions?

    Gift subscriptions are a way for you to give the gift of Crikey to an individual of your choice. Gift subscriptions that are available are for 12 or 6 months of Crikey.

  7. Can I purchase multiple gift subscriptions?

    Yes, you can go through the purchase process as many times as you like.