Foreign ownership of Australian farmland

With the world’s population set to hit 7 billion later this year — and ten billion by the end of the century — top quality agricultural land has never been more valuable.

Perhaps it’s with an eye for a good investment opportunity or, as some concerned observers believe, to protect against any potential future food shortages, but government-backed companies have begun buying up farmland around the world, with Australia’s vast tracts of top quality agricultural land a prime target.

With that in mind, Crikey has begun mapping the recent purchases of prime Australian farmland by overseas interests (if you’re not seeing anything don’t worry, just wait for the icons to load).

If you are a farmer who has recently been propositioned by an overseas conglomerate, or you’ve already sold the farm, you can email us with your story at or alternatively via our anonymous tip-offs section.

View Foreign ownership of Australian farmland in a larger map