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What is this page?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an easy way to track updates to the Crikey website. You can subscribe to one or more “feeds” which send you the headline and a short summary of articles that have been recently added or updated on the website. To subscribe to an RSS feed, you will need an RSS reader or an RSS enabled browser like Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox (see below for more information).

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How do I start using RSS feeds?

To start using RSS feeds, you will need to get an RSS reader (software that watches the RSS feeds you subscribe to, and checks for new content) or use an RSS enabled browser like Internet Explorer 7, Firefox or Safari (for Mac users).

Internet Explorer 7 users can view RSS feeds directly in the browser – to subscribe to an RSS feed in IE 7:

  1. IE 7 will notify you that Crikey offers RSS by illuminating (in red or orange) the RSS feed button on your toolbar.
  2. Click the red/orange “Feeds” button to see a list of articles that are offered via RSS and subscribe to them by clicking “Subscribe to this feed” in the upper part of the screen.
  3. You can then see all of Crikey’s updated content by looking in the Feeds section of your Favorites Center each time you open the browser.

Firefox users can views RSS feeds through the “Live Bookmarks” feature — explained here — or by installing the Sage RSS extension.

Safar users can view RSS feeds directly in the browser. Just click the RSS icon in the address bar and Safari automatically displays the available feed. Then bookmark the RSS feed so you can return to it later.

Here’s a small selection of news readers or aggregators to check out (there are many more out there). You will need to choose one that will work with your computer setup:

  • Omea Reader — an all-in-one feed RSS reader for Windows
  • NetNewsWire — an easy-to-use RSS reader for the Mac

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