September, 2017

Matthewson: Tony Abbott is completely out of touch on renewable energy and here’s why

, Sep 20, 2017

Shooting for Turnbull on energy policy, Abbott and Credlin's latest misfire only alienates them further from their own voters.

‘Clean coal’ is a lie straight out of the Orwellian playbook

, Sep 18, 2017

Despite the dire warning of climate scientists, underpinned by the current spate of extreme weather events around the world, the government appears to be bent on promoting coal-fired power generation, writes Earth and Paleo-climate scientist Andrew Glikson.

What Cassini will show us on its suicide mission to Saturn

, Sep 15, 2017

What will we learn about Saturn from Cassini's doomed mission?

Rundle: venceremos, comrade! Turnbull goes to war against capitalism.

, Sep 13, 2017

In attempting to keep Liddell going, Turnbull’s government has gone to war against every single principle of capitalism and the free-market.

How to fix Australia’s energy crisis: scrap the National Energy Market

, Sep 13, 2017

The objective of NEM's replacement authority would be the provision of a stable, reliable and affordable supply of energy while managing a transition to a zero-carbon economy, writes economist John Quiggin.

Buyer beware: the warning signs for Liddell buyers

, Sep 12, 2017

The Turnbull government really wants someone, anyone, to buy the Liddell coal-fired power plant. But lessons from Hazelwood should remind any potential buyer that an ageing, dying power plant is often more trouble than it's worth.
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Don’t mention the climate: what’s missing from Houston floods reporting

, Sep 04, 2017

Media reports like the phrase "once in 50 years" to describe catastrophic weather events. But as earth and paleoclimate scientistDr Andrew Glikson writes, those events are no longer rare. And we know why.

Australia’s hidden environmental crisis

, Sep 04, 2017

The east coast of the continent is considered one of the worst deforestation areas in the world today. Freelance journalist Nick Rodway reports.

What’s the real reason for electricity price hikes?

, Aug 08, 2017

Electricity prices are a hot topic at present. Amidst the welter of claim and counter-claim as to what is the cause of higher electricity prices, there has been remarkably little use of the available evidence, writes former head of Prime Minister and Cabinet Michael Keating.

The scientific way to avoid electricity price spikes, saving Australians thousands

, Jul 14, 2017

How a process called "aggregated demand response" could work in Australia, writes Dan Cass, strategist at The Australia Institute.
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How denialists Kenny and Bolt royally screwed up reporting of climate paper

, Jul 11, 2017

Wrong again, fellas. Master's student in sustainability Tom Allen helps Andrew Bolt and Chris Kenny understand basic climate science.
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Who are the Liberal MPs worried about Turnbull’s Clean Energy Target?

, Jun 16, 2017

Crikey intern Will Ziebell looks back over past public comments to work out which MPs could end up dissenting.
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Just how bullshit is the fantasy of ‘clean coal’?

, Jun 16, 2017

No viable technology exists that allows coal to be burnt without adding significant carbon pollution to the atmosphere. Freelance energy writer Simon Holmes a Court reports.

Energy policy now a denialist shitshow

, Jun 14, 2017

Coming soon, from the people who gave you massive power price rises -- still more increases. Energy policy is being hijacked by climate denialists who feign concern about households but are engaged in a culture war.
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Australia is a high-tax country with a spending problem? Not so fast …

, Jun 14, 2017

Memo to the Coalition: Australians want the government to spend more, not less, on social services, writes research economist Warwick Smith.

No going back on energy, says Finkel Review

, Jun 09, 2017

As expected, the Finkel electricity market review sees a Clean Energy Target as the best -- and cheapest -- way forward to address Australia's energy problems while moving to zero emissions.
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The case for nuclear (or, how I learned to stop worrying about renewables and love uranium)

, May 16, 2017

Politicians and journalists alike seem reluctant to discuss nuclear as a viable (and actually scalable) alternative to wind and solar, reports science writer Geoff Russell.

Coal lies exposed, Adani’s house of cards teeters

, Apr 18, 2017

From the backbench to foreign policy and economics, the budget and now Alan Jones, Adani is causing Turnbull all sorts of problems, writes Australia Institute executive director Ben Oquist.

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of good climate policy

, Apr 12, 2017

Australian climate policy has never been perfect. But having some policy is better than none -- and we can't freeload forever, writes Green Energy Markets' Tristan Edis.