May, 2018

Clean fuel in Australia still just a load of hot air

, May 24, 2018

Is the push to end Australia's dependency on low-quality petrol just a pipe dream?

What does each state want from the NEG?

, Apr 20, 2018

The Council of Australian Governments meets today to have their say on the NEG, and not every state and territory is going in with a smile.

Murray-Darling Basin Plan doomed by well-intentioned ‘nonsense’

, Mar 21, 2018

With the plan now falling apart, experts are shining a light on its flaws and forging a new path towards meaningful action.

The Oz v the Greens: who’s right, and who’s a great big hopping idiot in the great kangaroo cull debate?

, Mar 07, 2018

A culture-war-free explainer on culling kangaroos, and Lee Rhiannon.

A spotter’s guide to climate skeptics

, Mar 01, 2018

David Finnigan has had a number of run-ins while working on his controversial new play about climate deniers. Here, he argues they fall into one of a few camps.

States, Joyce in the frame for Murray-Darling collapse

, Feb 19, 2018

The Murray-Darling Basin Plan is falling apart as states back out, but were they doing much to begin with?

Rundle: culture warrior Brendan Pearson lobs fizzers at anti-Adani hipsters

, Feb 16, 2018

How ironic, an ex-coal industry spinner doesn’t know when to stop digging.

How poems from the Pacific Islands are fronting the fight for climate justice

, Feb 14, 2018

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner explains how climate change is devastating her home, the Marshall Islands.

The political cost of climate flip-flopping for fickle pollies

, Feb 14, 2018

Malcolm Turnbull's position on climate change has undergone a remarkable range of gyrations. The same is true of Queensland Labor. Such flip-flopping always comes at a price.

Bigger than Adani: the NT ‘carbon bomb’ waiting to explode

, Feb 07, 2018

By itself, Queensland’s proposed Adani coal mine would result in 5 billion tonnes of carbon-dioxide greenhouse gas emissions. Clearly, Adani is a "carbon-bomb".

Yale Diary: religion, ecology and how to avert a disaster

, Feb 06, 2018

The recent Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale University, which promotes dialogue between faith and sciences, laid out a pathway for how to avoid planetary catastrophe.

Crikey’s pocket guide to lesser known alternative energy sources — Part II

, Feb 06, 2018

How do ocean power and solar thermal energy work? Read on as Chris Woods explains.

Crikey’s pocket guide to lesser known alternative energy sources: part I

, Feb 05, 2018

We're all familiar with the state of solar and hydro, but the energy sector in Australia is bustling with other options. We take a gander at some of these.

No togetherness in Frydenberg’s electric car dreams

, Jan 23, 2018

Having a culture war over electric vehicles can be very dangerous. It's funny what you might end up supporting.

What does it take to turn a city green?

, Jan 16, 2018

The Republican mayor of Lancaster, California, is showing that it’s possible for a city to thrive amid the Green revolution, even if it takes some light fascism.

Rundle: Howard and Abbott are delusional, self-indulgent, climate-denying throwbacks

, Oct 12, 2017

When you imagine the level of rage that Tony Abbott must be living with, the "climate change is good" speech makes perfect sense.

Climate change could be making in-flight turbulence a whole lot worse

, Oct 10, 2017

Increasing air temperatures, attributable to climate change, mean more violent and harmful air turbulence, a new report has found.

Government abandons Clean Energy Target, clearing the decks for war

, Oct 09, 2017

The government is laying the groundwork for rejecting a Clean Energy Target, enabling it to continue to attack Labor over energy.

We have enough cheap, easy-to-extract gas to last 100 years. There’s just one problem.

, Oct 02, 2017

Australia has plenty of cheap gas. The problem is private companies are selling it all overseas, writes principal adviser at The Australia Institute Mark Ogge.

Energy experts decry Turnbull opting for convenience over clear policy

, Sep 27, 2017

Short-sited goals, big egos and too much opining are hobbling Australia's energy goals, a recent meeting of experts has said.