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  • Friday, July 19

    Why ripping off workers should be considered a crime. A horror week in onshore detention. George Calombaris is no outlier — the hospitality industry at large exploits its workers. Netflix hit by huge subscriber loss. Plus, the rich history of Indigenous innovations and inventions.

  • Thursday, July 18

    Treasury's fix for wage stagnation: get a better job. The death of private health insurance is long overdue. Does sex therapy belong on the NDIS? Plus, welfare-hating mainstream media get a handout.

  • Wednesday, July 17

    Why did an ordinary citizen take a One Nation senator to court? The Libs need to do a financial services review... of themselves. Uluru is absolutely not public land. How to skirt around a donation ban. Plus, Alan Turing was a hero but the culture needs him to be a victim.

  • Tuesday, July 16

    INQ investigates the real crisis in teaching. Health insurance is the latest weapon in the generational war. Can political journalism fix its fundamental problem? Plus, it's time to end the think tank era.

  • Monday, July 15

    The fascinating rise of Australia's most powerful bureaucrats. What the hell is going on with this flu season? Inside the relationships between Treasury and the Reserve Bank. Plus, reflecting on Scott Morrison's heavily political a church.

  • Friday, July 12

    Certain Coalition members are hellbent on derailing Indigenous recognition. How would Australia build a nuclear program? The war on press freedom goes back years. The realities of onshore detention. Plus, Barnaby Joyce is back online.

  • Friday, July 12

    The hypocrisy and inevitable failure of Scott Morrison's 'zero suicide goal'. Indigenous wage reparations still have a long way to go. What happens when the powerful play the victim? Conservatives face a schism on religious freedom. Plus, Australians will race anything.

  • Wednesday, July 10

    INQ's latest series looks at who's getting rich (and who isn't) off the African mining boom. Suicide should be a topic beyond politics but now it isn't. Why Queensland just paid over $100 million in reparations to Indigenous people. A hot tip about sending press releases. Plus, is WeWork just an overhyped business model?

  • Tuesday, July 9

    A new INQ series delves in the mining boom you've never heard of. The groups making a move on Morrison's policy agenda. The spying tell-all we're hoping Edward Snowden features in. Plus, how Afterpay became such a cash cow.

  • Monday, July 8

    Taking a look at how the Australian media covered tax cuts. Stephen Mayne gives the RSL a report card they might not want. Here's why we've had the same rates of stillbirths for decades. What the university cheating industry says. Plus, a deeper look at proposed school phone bans.