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  • Thursday, December 12

    Inq explores the brutal fallout that awaits whistleblowers. What happened to the Kevin Rudd who would stand up to China? Scott Morrison's refusal to face climate realities is almost comical. Almost. Plus, guess which government minister had to quickly update his interests register after a call from Crikey.

  • Wednesday, December 11

    What did the ACCC know about the deadly Takata airbags? Westpac must compensate its victims. Sports doping can't be stopped. Plus, Fantales omits some key details on Rebel Wilson.

  • Tuesday, December 10

    The double standard in Australia's productivity obsession. Here's how UK Labour could still pull off an upset. News Corp misses the story on drug cartels. Plus, George Christensen's fight for free speech is awfully selective.

  • Monday, December 9

    Australians trust their government less than ever. Who was Bill Landeryou? The Australian’s environment editor heads to court. Plus, just how committed to diversity and inclusion is the ABC?

  • Friday, December 6

    Morrison's public service time warp will fix nothing. The Australian company at the centre of a Zambian scandal. Left's charges of anti-Semitism pervert the term's meaning? Plus, Fred Nile goes fire and brimstone.

  • Thursday, December 5

    The government's failure to support intelligence officers endangers national security. What happens now that medivac has been repealed? GDP result reveals a crippled economy. Plus, anti-anti-anti protest pollies protest Hobart City Council.

  • Wednesday, December 4

    Plenty of blame to go around when it comes to education outcomes. Gambling giant delivers multimillion-dollar Ponting pay day. The WA Liberal 'taking the piss' on euthanasia bill. Plus, the art of political nonsense-speak.

  • Tuesday, December 3

    The airline making big money deporting asylum seekers. Forget religious freedom, the churches want more power. Nobody wins in the banking culture wars. Plus, a history of journalists short-selling their sources.

  • Monday, December 2

    Why is Labor so nostalgic for a terrible policy? David Leyonhjelm loses — but for the wrong reason. Journalism is struggling to hold the powerful to account. Plus, is there anything that gronks won't blame on Greta Thunberg?

  • Friday, November 29

    A massive privacy breach in Parliament House. One of the most hypocritical rorts Australia has ever known. Uber faces an existential crisis. Plus, a big week for fans of schadenfreude.