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  • Tuesday, September 17

    INQ reveals a two part report on the government's spin machine. The ABC's Q&A has a run-in with a white supremacist slogan. Activists are getting wise to the Victorian government. Plus, is Woolies really going to recycle all those tiny toy lions?

  • Tuesday, September 17

    The media has an asylum seeker problem. Is a US state dinner really all it's cracked up to be? How we feed the surveillance machine. Plus, INQ has fresh reports on Jehovah's Witnesses' fight against scrutiny.

  • Friday, September 13

    Has Porter beat out Frydenberg as Morrison's heir apparent? If the news is burning you out, you're not alone. Unlocking the lockout laws. Plus, good news: you're paying for partisan government advertising.

  • Thursday, September 12

    The many turmoils of Gladys Liu. The fight for Jehovah's Witnesses abuse survivors is in jeopardy. The Australian continues its holy war is on trans youth. Plus, we have some questions about some strange ATO Facebook ads.

  • Wednesday, September 11

    This is not the “new John Howard”. What does John Bolton’s departure mean for rising tensions with Iran? Queensland fires puts climate denialists on the spot. Plus, do you really know what you're signing up for with a loyalty card?

  • Tuesday, September 10

    INQ investigates the Jehovah's Witnesses ordered to erase records of child sexual abuse. The who, what and why of Australia's lobbying world. Boris continues his string of Brexit losses. Who can afford to live in Australia's 'most livable' cities? Plus, a visual guide to Morrison's love of colonisation.

  • Monday, September 9

    How will Nine prove its independence? Albanese takes a hit in the polls after Biloela. How to stop the violence in Hong Kong. A welcome change to Canberra's approach to Beijing. Plus, the truth about share bikes.

  • Friday, September 6

    Scott Morrison needs a lesson in PR. Pyne and Bishop phone it in. It's time for a new renewable energy target. Plus, who is Charlie Teo, the 'charismatic and controversial' surgeon making headlines again?

  • Thursday, September 5

    What's next for beleaguered Boris? How to get a whole country shopping again. Australia's glaring double standard on Yang and Assange. Plus, it's official: the GDP is in the gutter.

  • Wednesday, September 4

    Is it time for Peter Costello to hang up the boots at Nine? We explain and analyse the latest omnishambles in the House of Commons. A new study suggests Labor's policy suite had little to do with it losing the election. Plus, The Australian sets its sights on Kristina Keneally in what could be a new Holy War.