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  • Friday, March 22

    One week after the terrorist attacks, Christchurch bands together to heal while Australia keeps refusing to change. Preparing for the very real possibility of a hung parliament after the NSW election. Plus, Guy Rundle's first Brexit dispatch from the divided streets of London.

  • Thursday, March 21

    The widening chasm between New Zealand and Australia. The NSW election and the Indigenous issues that have gone ignored for far too long. Scott Morrison's anti-racism stance apparently doesn't stretch so far as ruling out his party directing preferences to One Nation. Plus, Jacinda Ardern's fight to reform New Zealand's gun laws.

  • Wednesday, March 20

    What happens when the world's media descends upon Christchurch? Why immigration reform is going to be complicated by the government's past sins. How the media needs to tread cautiously in their coverage of the Christchurch attack to avoid copycats. Plus, a look at the political upstarts causing a ruckus in the formerly safe Liberal seat of Kooyong.

  • Tuesday, March 19

    The horrific events at Christchurch have opened a Pandora's box of questions for politics, media and society both here and across the Tasman. To help answer some of those questions, we've sent two Crikey reporters to Christchurch. We hope they, and our regular commentators, will help illuminate the path through an unsettling and dark aftermath.

  • Monday, March 18

    Crikey reporters go inside the endless vigil in Christchurch. The warning signs about right-wing terrorism that we ignored. How the massacre shines a light on the white supremacy that has been lurking all along. A journey to the kinder side of the Tasman. Plus: a recent timeline of hypocrisy and racism in Australian politics.

  • Friday, March 15

    The right shouldn't underestimate the agency and intelligence of striking school students. Looking to the US for wage stagnation inspiration. Who Gaven Morris wants to be the next ABC MD. Plus, as much as we can glean about what happens next with Brexit.

  • Thursday, March 14

    Today, Crikey dedicates an entire edition to covering climate change. The world has reached a tipping point on this issue. Voters now overwhelmingly accept the science, and denialists have increasingly been pushed to the fringes. Among other things, today's edition looks at what the military is doing to prepare for climate change, and how environmental catastrophe could soon make the insurance industry redundant. This is the slow burn of climate change.

  • Wednesday, March 13

    The surreal sentencing of sex offender George Pell. Crime online: the story behind the NRL Memes controversy. How NSW Labor are giving the Shooters and Fishers a leg up. Will West Papua be treated like Timor-Leste? Plus, all the chaos from Brexit.

  • Tuesday, March 12

    Did George Brandis breach the Public Service Code of Conduct? Finding the line between free speech and false speech. Stadiumgate continues to be an arena spectacle. Plus putting faces to the faceless men and women of the coalition.

  • Monday, March 11

    Julie Bishop, Sarah Hanson-Young and co. offer feminism-lite at All About Women. Will Alan Jones' contract be renewed at 2GB? Labor forces the Coalition to finally start talking about proper pay. Plus: who is Celia Hammond?