Crikey digs through the political donations data


The Australian Electoral Commission has released its 2008-09 political donations data, and, as we do every year, Crikey and our army of readers have been poring over the  filings to see what we can dig up.

Here’s everything we’ve unearthed so far, but there are always more nuggets to unearth, so grab your shovel, have a dig through the data, and let us know what you find.

Political donations drought

Andrew Crook rounds up the interesting entries in the donations data — unearthed by Crikey and our readers — that have escaped escaped the mainstream media’s attention.

Influential or not? Big political donors show how it’s done (Subscribers only)

The AEC’s political donations data shows how influence works — and fails to work — in Canberra, explains Bernard Keane.

Mayne digs some donations data dirt

The annual deluge of political donations data contained a stack of interesting revelations. Stephen Mayne sifts through the dirt.

The corporates that helped Bligh, Barnett to power (Subscribers only)

The Australian Electoral Commission’s data paints a vivid picture of who bankrolled the two state elections that occurred in 2008/09, writes Andrew Crook.