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Covid Questions

(Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

Is a new flavour of denialism taking hold at News Corp?

When it comes to playing down the coronavirus crisis, News Corp is pulling out some tactics that may look familiar...

(Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

Will COVID-19 be our public health wakeup call? 

While Australia's COVID-19 death rate may be comparably low, the impact and spread of the disease points to flaws in our public health.

Pauls Kelly (Images: AAP/Joe Castro/Lukas Coch)

Which Paul Kelly would be the most endurable pandemic lockdown partner?

We have options, people — some better than others.

Who are Australia’s essential workers? Short answer: women

New figures show that women are shouldering most of the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis.

(Image: AAP/Kelly Barnes)

Just how much does the government say a human life is worth?

Can we really put a cost on human life? The answer is yes, and it happens more often than you think — as the pandemic has proved.

(Image: AAP/ Stefan Postles)

Are we seeding a flu crisis later in the year? Looks like we might be

People have been flocking to get their flu vaccination early this year. But our resident GP wonders if that's the right approach.

Matt Damon in 2011 pandemic thriller 'Contagion' (Image: Warner Bros.)

COVID-19, the movie? Don't hold your breath

It will be fascinating to see what Hollywood produces in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

(Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

What should governments do to protect jobs and incomes, now and in the future?

Governments needs to look at ways to protect the economically vulnerable — and the planet — in ways that are truly sustainable post-COVID-19 crisis.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews

The cost of our lives: when do we relax lockdown, why and at what price?

What should guide the government in considering when to remove restrictions? We need to understand the trade-off between the economic impacts of lockdown and the number of lives saved.

(Image: Louis Reed/Unsplash)

How long before a vaccine is ready? Scientists are racing for the good of all mankind

Crikey checks in with the scientists in Australia and around the world racing to find a vaccine for COVID-19.