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Costello’s new website: coincidence or not?

Crikey May 13, 2009 1 Comment

So Peter Costello launched his new website the day of the Budget... What does that mean?

More Rudd/China connections?

Crikey May 12, 2009 1 Comment

The China conspiracy theorists will love this one!

The secret to Rudd’s hair?

Crikey May 11, 2009 1 Comment

Hairspray for KRudd? Job losses at Cadbury?

Tips and rumours

Crikey May 8, 2009 1 Comment

Re. unemployment falling. A few of my clients have financial years that start/finish around 1st April. They cut deeply in December and January as the money ran out and then hired aggressively once the 2009/10 budget was approved at group level. Is this included in the “seasonal” adjustments? Hidden unemployment. What about all the contractors, […]

Stanhope gets his revenge on journos

Crikey May 7, 2009 2 Comments

A tipster tells how ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope got his revenge on journos, and what happened to the Royal Vic Institute for the Blind's assets?

Franking credits, oh dear: Rudd money doesn’t give a damn

Crikey May 6, 2009

Franking credits. If you have them will you get your Rudd money?

David Jones understocked?

Crikey May 5, 2009

Crikey tipsters share: are David Jones feeling the GFC crunch? And the case of the dead ATMs.

Sydney private school on swine flu sniffles alert

Crikey May 4, 2009

One Sydney private school is sending teachers and students with colds home -- just in case it's the dreaded swine flu; Priceline get a $5m logo makeover; and could Jim Waley be headed to Sky?

Peters Ice Cream shut production in Perth

Crikey May 1, 2009

140 people could be out of a job at Peters Ice Cream, with a tipster alleging Nestle is buying and moving shop, while another says 40 have been cut with the closure of Fairfax's Sun Weekly.

Melbourne pharmicists doling out the Tamiflu

Crikey April 30, 2009

Pharmacists at a high-profile private hospital are flat-out filling scripts for Tamiflu, while Leader newspapers are tipped to be closing down.