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Tips and rumours



Trudeau baulks at F-35 purchase

CrikeyDec 7, 20161 Comment

They really aren't very good planes.

Fran Kelly, other big name ABC staff protest toaster ban

CrikeyDec 6, 20164 Comments

Fight the power.

Centrelink debt collectors target innocent people

CrikeyDec 6, 20161 Comment

This seems to be a common problem for people who've done contract, casual or intermittent work in years they have received Newstart or Youth Allowance.

NBN Co hires more PR than almost the PM's entire office

CrikeyDec 6, 2016

The number of spinners employed by NBN Co has skyrocketed under the Coalition.

Mistakes in our DNA

CrikeyDec 5, 2016

The Australian's writer makes a howler when writing on the government's debt issues.

Katter racks up quite a bill

CrikeyDec 5, 20161 Comment

The Queensland MP has more ground to cover than his colleagues, but his travel expenses aren't just distance-related.

Adani coming to Townsville

CrikeyDec 5, 20161 Comment

We're sure Adani will spruik its new project in terms of all the jobs it will create.

Neo-Nazis flood Melbourne uni with propaganda

CrikeyDec 5, 20161 Comment

The group calls itself "Antipodean Resistance".

Press gallery politicking

CrikeyDec 5, 2016

Plus Grace Collier cracks the sads.

Clive Palmer has Titanic competition

CrikeyDec 2, 2016

A former adviser to Tony Blair is involved with another replica of the Titanic set to be built in China. It will probably beat Clive Palmer's aborted project.

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