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Tips and rumours



Cory Bernardi, free(ish) speech warrior

CrikeyAug 23, 2016

It doesn't seem the Liberal Senator has any problem threatening other people's free speech.

What makes a cabinet document anyway?

CrikeyAug 23, 2016

The Victorian Supreme Court is taking a sceptical approach to the claim that 25 documents are cabinet-privileged.

An unusual career move

CrikeyAug 23, 2016

The former Guardian Australia Comment Is Free editor has pulled a reverse Tony Abbott.

Fred Nile's film fest

CrikeyAug 22, 2016

Beware of lesbians in elevators.

Ads board decisions not binding (like the plebiscite)

CrikeyAug 22, 2016

Any rulings on anti-gay ads during the plebiscite won't stop ads being run.

Ellen Whinnett off to News Corp's London bureau

CrikeyAug 22, 2016

Shake-up planned at the Herald Sun

Aussie banks really targeted?

Aug 19, 20161 Comment

Aussie banks are being sued by an American hedge fund, but is this just a new way to make money?

Culleton's career to be cut short?

Aug 19, 2016

The One Nation Senator-elect says he won't take a deal offered by prosecutors, leading to his trial next week.

Spot the difference in The Oz

Aug 19, 2016

A glossy writer up says Cisco is a great place to work, but a report in the same paper says the tech giant is laying off thousands of staff.

Shock, horror: Sam Newman gets it wrong

CrikeyAug 19, 20161 Comment

Footy Show panel member Sam Newman has a go at the media, says Brazilian crowd is racist, but he needs to get his facts straight.

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