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Tips and rumours



Brandisese catching on: It’s literally an existential threat

Oct 19, 2016

In Senate estimates yesterday, we discover more "existential threats" to Australia, but are they actually "existential" at all?

Abetz to criticise government on IR in speech

Oct 19, 20163 Comments

The former employment minister has great timing when it comes to contributing to the debate on industrial relations, which the government is already losing.

No money for bands at the Night Noodle Markets

Oct 19, 20161 Comment

Fairfax is gearing up for the successful Night Noodle Markets, but it hit a sour note with a band wanting to get paid for their gig.

No nastiness Greens group leads to controversy

Oct 19, 2016

The NSW Greens look set for another bitter factional preselection, just months after a race that "traumatised" the party.

Macdonald Watch

Oct 19, 2016

Senator Ian Macdonald asked for senatorsto repeat themselves multiple times and seemed to make up a career for a former Labor Senator.

Macdonald off the mark in estimates

Oct 18, 20161 Comment

Chairing Senate estimates is a challenging job, and Ian Macdonald isn't showing that he is up to it.

Heritage pub razed, law students hit back

Oct 18, 2016

Developers illegally demolished the Corkman in Carlton, making enemies with legal students who have launched a legal challenge to get their pub back.

Nauru v Four Corners

Oct 18, 20162 Comments

The Nauruan Government released a scathing statement this morning against the ABC, but didn't address issues with visas for journalists.

Rare coin still missing

Rare coin still missing

CrikeyOct 17, 2016

Don't ask us, say bureaucrats.

Leaky Lambert a candidate for Bob Day's spot

CrikeyOct 17, 20161 Comment

A candidate for Bob Day's vacant Senate spot has played an important role in Australian media history.

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