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Tips and rumours



Fifield appoints Minerals Council chair to ABC board

CrikeyFeb 28, 2017

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield finally a

When is a birthday party not a birthday party? When the Coalition says so.

CrikeyFeb 28, 2017

The official word is that the event was a welcome event for all Coalition MPs and senators after the election.

Centrelink reveals private info about client that bad-mouthed the debt-recovery shemozzle

CrikeyFeb 27, 2017

Blogger Andie Fox wrote a comment piece for the Fairfax papers on February 6, outlining her experience with Centrelink. Then things got nasty.

In shock twist, George Brandis' dept the laziest

CrikeyFeb 27, 2017

Figures complied by Labor Senator Penny Wong's office show which department has the most outstanding questions left unanswered ...

Real Housewives of Parliament House: did David Oldfield sleep with Pauline Hanson?

CrikeyFeb 27, 2017

Mrs Oldfield doesn't care either way.

Shorten's penalty rates stunt backfires

CrikeyFeb 24, 20174 Comments

Why couldn't Labor leader Bill Shorten find just one worker who would actually be worse off to stand up at his press conference?

Judge delivers decision in Seven v Amber Harrison

CrikeyFeb 24, 2017

The restrictive suppression order remains largely in place.

Anti-Safe Schools flyers appear ahead of WA election

CrikeyFeb 24, 20171 Comment

But who's responsible?

Abbott to snipe, undermine at book launch tonight

CrikeyFeb 23, 20173 Comments

Abbott will also, helpfully, be appearing on Bolt's show tonight after the book launch.

Family First candidate not very popular on Twitter

CrikeyFeb 23, 2017

Last we checked, there is not a single positive tweet directed at Henry Heng on his home page.

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