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If you can't kill the 'toxic' discourse, kill some weeds

This is your therapeutic guide to herbicidal conflict.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai (Image: AAP/Brendan Esposito)

The problem with end-of-year lists (and Netflix specials)

The real heroes of our year are elaborating the language of Black Power and standing up to the 'logic' of neoliberalism.

(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

No, Julia Banks is not a saviour for women, or anybody

As Julia Banks and so many other politicians have shown, one can be simultaneously female and not much chop.

Monkey bar furore concretes over the dirty history of the playground

Playgrounds and monkey bars were not created out of fondness for “precious little people”, but a much darker rationale.

The useless apologies of the banking royal commission

As the "sorry" pageant rolls on, we have to remember the physical impossibility of apology in the mind of something not living.

AFR's Young Rich List full of very dull and attractive ciphers

The Young Rich List is recommended every year to any person briefly comforted by the thought that it doesn’t take brains, ingenuity or a clue to make a pile of money. It just takes money.

Enough lies. Enough of the bullshit Ordinary People act.

Yesterday, 28 ruling class arseholes did their Ordinary People act. I'm used to it. I am not quite so used to seeing them in their ordinary people drag while screeching racist rot.

(Image: Getty Images)

Let's not talk about sex, baby

With the advice on the needs, benefits and restrictions of sex being constantly yelled at us, it's a wonder how anybody retains any sort of libido in the West at all.

The value of Taylor Swift's political endorsement

You can enjoy the looks, quips and works of a celebrity very much while remaining entirely unmoved by their political advice.

Image credit: Matt Lamers/Unsplash

Tampon tax 'victory' aside, only rich people should be paying GST

The stubborn feminist or even the mildly stubborn fan of greater wealth equality knows that the GST should only be paid by those who drive their children to the finest schools in the finest cars.

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