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Comments & corrections


Barrie Cassidy has nothing to prove to News Corp

CrikeyJul 24, 2017

Crikey readers on Barrie Cassidy and the Murdoch University employment negotiations.

Eureka Stockade has always been utilised by the right

CrikeyJul 21, 20171 Comment

Crikey readers on Tragedy tourism and the Eureka Stockade

The major parties have no incentive to seek to amend section 44

CrikeyJul 20, 2017

Crikey readers on section 44 of the constitution and the home affairs portfolio.

David Salter responds to Gerard Henderson

CrikeyJul 19, 20173 Comments

Crikey readers on the new home affairs portfolio and conscription under John Curtin.

Gerard Henderson responds to David Salter

CrikeyJul 18, 20173 Comments

Crikey readers on conscription, John Curtin and Amber Harrison

Conservatives reveal hypocrisy on super retail funds

CrikeyJul 17, 20173 Comments

Crikey readers on the NBN and retail super funds.

Stephen Mayne apologises to the Daily Mail

CrikeyJul 14, 20171 Comment

Crikey readers respond to the issues of the week.

A decent proposal may have unintended consequences

CrikeyJul 13, 20172 Comments

Crikey readers on public funding for the press and NBN response times.

'Risky' downplays the actual risks of proposed national security policy

CrikeyJul 12, 20171 Comment

Crikey readers on national security and Malcolm Turnbull.

Wage stagnation inevitable under the current system

CrikeyJul 11, 2017

Crikey readers respond to wage stagnation, the Australian response to domestic violence and more.