Classic Crikey 2009


How Windschuttle swallowed a hoax to publish a fake story in Quadrant: Margaret Simons‘ exclusive scoop on how Quadrant editor Keith Windschuttle got punk’d

Crikey Roadtest: the Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves: Crikey‘s editorial team raved on and on about the Snuggie on Twitter until someone sent us one. So we took to the streets to see if it could handle the major challenges of the modern journalist: smoking, gambling and buying coffee.

Kyle and Jackie O’s live lie detector test goes very wrong: It was the biggest media scandal of 2009, and Crikey had it first: a 14-year-old girl disclosed live Kyle and Jackie O’s breakfast radio show that she was raped at the age of 12, sparking outrage against the hosts.

Ben Naparstek in Monthly kill fee drama: Crikey exposed a nasty stoush between The Monthly magazine and freelance correspondent Eric Ellis, with legal threats being thrown by both sides after a commissioned article was spiked.

Bernard Keane’s guide to writing to Ministers: With outraged voters all over Australia looking to whinge to their local MPs about the government’s new internet filter, Canberra correspondent and former public servant Bernard Keane penned a guide to making your complaint as effective — and annoying — as possible.