Classic Crikey 2000


Pissing in the sink: Crikey made it into The New York Times, under no less a by-line than Jayson Blair, with this profile of Col Allan first published back in our launch issue on February 14, 2000.

Glory without power — the loyal deputy & me: Hugo Kelly, a former media advisor to Labor Deputy prime Minister Brian Howe, remembers with fondness political summer silly seasons past.

The Bracks Cabinet in profile: Crikey profiles Labor’s Victorian Cabinet as Steve Bracks takes the reins, with each Cabinet member given their own special rating.

World’s Oldest Columnist: How I saw all oft he 20th century: The World’s Oldest Columnist (aka Stephen Mayne’s grandpa) reminisces about the 20th century — all of it.

World’s Oldest Columnist: Further thoughts on the 20th century More thoughts on the 20th century from the World’s Oldest Columnist.

Where former cabinet ministers work in the private sector: Crikey compiles its first political list: Politicians on public super and private salaries

The good, the bad and the ugly of Crikey’s Olympic campaign: When the Olympics came to town, Stephen Mayne bought 93 tickets and took in all that the Sydney Games had to offer.