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Crikey is expanding its journalism

We’re the longest serving and most stridently independent news publication in Australia. We roam outside the pack, ask the uncomfortable questions, challenge the status quo. And unlike so much of Australia’s “local” media, we are actually owned and controlled here, not a mere cog in someone’s global network.

Now Crikey is embarking on a serious editorial expansion. We’re looking for a team of around ten new reporters, and an editor to lead them. Their remit: investigative “inquiry” journalism, but not journalism-as-usual. They will poke under all kinds of rocks, work in big and small teams, swoop on moving stories as well as digging long and hard into important issues that matter to Australia.

We’re looking for a range of attributes: journalistic nous; dedication to facts and accuracy; determination, grit and persistence; a distaste for spin and managed news; a passion for independent journalism untainted by corporate influence and ideological agendas; a mind open to original and unconventional ideas; and, above all, a fierce, unrelenting curiosity.

We’re looking for people who are collegial and enjoy working in teams, don’t see the world through a single lens and don’t need to operate through old or rigid paradigms.

We’re far less interested in your CV, current role or academic qualifications than in your attitude and application, in whatever ways they can be demonstrated. We encourage people with non-traditional experience, and from diverse backgrounds, to apply.

Alongside these skills, we’re looking for people with knowledge, interest or understanding across a range of different specialist subjects, including the law, justice, business, commerce, accounting, data science, environment, science, arts and culture, technology, social sciences, regulation, indigenous issues, governance and education. To achieve this, we’re hiring for these roles:

Please note that these jobs are no longer taking applications.

News Investigations Associate Editor

The News Investigations Associate Editor will:

  • oversee, manage, mentor and inspire the team of news investigations reporters and researchers
  • coordinate their roles and projects, workshop and implement ideas that turn into stories
  • liaise closely and creatively with Crikey’s associate editors, politics editor, lawyers and publishers
  • have responsibility for final copy and be an accomplished writer and copy editor
  • have budget responsibility for news investigations

The News Investigations Associate Editor will have:

  • a demonstrated background in news and investigative reporting, producing or editing
  • a strong news sense and a nose for digging, questioning, probing
  • an intuitive understanding of digital media
  • deep curiosity: a desire to sniff out the story behind the story, generate ideas and ask the hard questions
  • mature, calm and confident editorial judgement
  • a proven ability to juggle people, ideas and projects, move quickly and proactively, not just reactively
  • a talent for collaboratively motivating reporters and the ability to encourage and nurture ideas and ambitious projects
  • a hunger to experiment, push the boundaries, keep learning

This role is based in Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra.

Senior Reporters

We’re looking for hungry, determined reporters who can think inside and outside the box, reporters who always prioritise facts over presumption, never stop digging, value the importance of detail, minutiae and nuance, leave their politics and ideology at the door, write smartly but sparingly, who have a strong desire to be part of a different kind of editorial project. You will have:

  • significant reporting or editing experience
  • the ability to work collegially within a small team, as well as being a self-starter
  • a curious mind that generates a steady flow of ideas
  • a demonstrated ability to dig, research, ferret and sift for facts
  • a portfolio of published or broadcast material that supports these skills
  • a practical working grasp of digital media and its array of opportunities
  • interest or expertise in at least one specialist subject of national importance

These roles are based in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Junior Reporters

You may have a few years of reporting or writing experience under your belt, you may be a recent graduate, or you may have developed other professional skills. These positions are for early-career journalists who will join the Crikey news investigations team. You will have:

  • a genuine desire to practise public interest journalism and make a difference
  • a proven aptitude for research and uncovering facts, data and details
  • keen interest in news, politics, democracy and current issues
  • the mindset of a team player a hands-on working knowledge of digital and social media
  • examples of written, broadcast or published work that demonstrates your abilities
  • interest or expertise in at least one specialist subject of national importance

These roles are based in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.


These are entry-level roles for aspiring journalists with strong research skills, insatiable curiosity and a desire to become immersed in reporting on the ground. You will have:

  • a demonstrated track record in the skills and mechanics of research
  • wide experience in using digital tools to uncover very kind of information
  • an ability to work at speed
  • a lateral mind that is used to create solutions, no matter how unconventional the approach
  • a portfolio of published or broadcast material that supports these skills
  • a keen desire to work in journalism

These roles are based in Melbourne and Sydney.

Data Reporter

We are looking for someone who understands the world of data, where to find it, how to extract it, sort it, prioritise it, make sense of it. It requires a proven track record in working with data across all platforms, great digital savvy, accuracy and speed, a wide range of interests and genuine curiosity. This is a junior role suited to a self-starter who wants to use his or her demonstrated experience and skills in data science to help create journalism that makes a difference.

This is a Melbourne-based role.

About Private Media

Private Media is the publisher of Crikey, SmartCompany and The Mandarin, and owner of content agency Bureau. We’re a digital-first business that’s been around for 19 years, and we punch above our weight. People love working here because we’re responsive to the changes in the media, highly collaborative, flexible when it comes to working arrangements, and very supportive of our fellow colleagues. We’re accountable for our actions, and fiercely independent when it comes to the journalism we create. We constantly seek out ways to refine and improve the business model and develop new solutions for our clients as well as our readers. It’s an excellent environment to grow and learn for people who love to be challenged.


To apply, please email your application including a cover letter and resume to [email protected] attention Tamsin Creed, Publisher, specifying the role you are applying for.
Applications close February 25, 2019.