Westfield, ASX, ComBank, NRMA and Woolies are all ahead of us

October 15, 2000

If you want a summary of the board campaigns madness then read this story and you'll know exactly what we're doing and why, regardless of what the companies concerned are choosing to tell their shareholders.

Fighting cash for comment and passive funds management

October 15, 2000

The Commonwealth Bank tilt is based on the rationale of exposing their dodgy cash for comment relationship with Alan Jones and pressuring them to become a more activist fund manager.

Unlike Skase, Stokes Knows How To Make Money From The Olympics

September 10, 2000

Despite all the scandals, it looks like the Australian and American host broadcasters of the Olympics are going to recoup their investment and have a great party on their boats.

New additions: Turnbull, Gutnick, Moran, Scanlan, Ireland

August 27, 2000

Each year BRW puts out its rich List which is way too soft on most of big powerful business types. Crikey likes to put our richest under a more questioning microscope and in this edition have added Mal Tunbull, Joe Gutnick, Doug Moran, Peter Scanlan and Billy Ireland.

An Intellectually SAPping Experience

July 16, 2000

Outsourcing of IT services has been a trend for the past decade or so. Many of our large corporations have gone this path. When the government changed in 1996, outsourcing of government IT was inevitable.

Seppo Is Back

June 25, 2000

With the approaching Sydney Olympics, Australia has the best chance in recent times to show the rest of the world there is more to the country than those time-worn cliches the Australian Tourist Bureau and Qantas have been serving up for decades.

Ron Walker’s New Bank

June 18, 2000

Brown cardigans might well inspire the corporate imagery at Ron Walker's new bank, assuming the Melbourne businessman can organise the resources and approvals to take on the four or five firms which control Australia's financial sector.

Chimes Publisher Gaoled

June 11, 2000

The following story is a mainly copied from information published in Chimes in Exile forum under "Why his smart arse tactics backfired".

Using Cyberpower To Shame Optus Over Cash For Jones Comment

June 4, 2000

Crikey is going to stand for the Optus board on an anti-cash for comment platform to try to embarrass them into dumping Alan Jones from his up to $500,000 contract. But we need your help as the Optus constitutions requires an outsider to be nominated by 50 different Optus shareholders.

Frontwindow: Ron’s Bank, Ted Pretty, NSW Budget, Vodafone Flop And The Wedding Of The Year.

May 28, 2000

Australia's hardest hitting business gossip has a smorgasboard of juicy morsels this week so click on.