“You’re dead meat” – Tilley told Crikey

January 21, 2001

With Merrill Lynch Australia desperately trying to stem the bad publicity and mass defections to Johnson Taylor, it is time for Crikey to reveal the amazing threats he made to us.

Whitlam as bad as Labor’s branch stackers

December 17, 2000

The NRMA appears to have perpetrated a big stitch up on Crikey by using 163 million open votes against us after imploring shareholders to "only tick three boxes".

Government underwritten super funds are going down with Rupert

December 17, 2000

Rear Window has to offer $100 a day to the best contributor to produce its daily column in the Fin Review these days. Crikey can also do the occasional business gossip column without bribing anyone.

Shareholders lose $1 billion and debate quality rises

December 17, 2000

The Orica AGM in Sydney on December 21 was one of the best we've seen for quality debate this season.

Best reaction yet from shareholders but media get stuck in

December 17, 2000

The David Jones AGM on December 11 was one of the best of the season in terms of good debate but despite an apparent majority of votes from the floor, only 13 per cent of proxy votes were in Crikey's favour.

Needs proxies for Lion Nathan, Permanent and Oroton

December 3, 2000

The AGM season for 2000 is largely over but there are still plenty of fun and games to be had at upcoming meetings so check out the calendar and see where you could help out.

Westfield, DJs, NRMA and ComBank are convicted censors

December 3, 2000

Some of our top companies are so embarrassed about the things they get up to that they refuse to allow external candidates to explain their platform to shareholders.

The Millionaire Factory, dodgy Westpac and Greiner’s folly

December 3, 2000

Rear Window is getting better month by month but Crikey can still pump out a reasonable business gossip column from time to time.

Warburton shows them how to run a meeting

December 3, 2000

The David Jones AGM was one of the best of the season with good debate and only a few procedural glitches. And while the vote for Crikey at the meeting was strong, the proxies were a disappointing 13 per cent only.

Pemberton was great but can Jacko steer Qantas

November 12, 2000

Qantas has performed superbly over the past three years but is Margaret Jackson really up to the job of chairman given the BHP and PacDun skeletons rattling in her closet.