October, 2017

We have enough cheap, easy-to-extract gas to last 100 years. There’s just one problem.

, Oct 02, 2017

Australia has plenty of cheap gas. The problem is private companies are selling it all overseas, writes principal adviser at The Australia Institute Mark Ogge.

World’s silliest neoliberal poll champions brutal regimes

, Sep 28, 2017

The neoliberal World Economic Forum is back with its annual lauding of some of the worst industrial relations laws in the world.

Another day, another Turnbull gas press conference

, Sep 28, 2017

Having recycled his Snowy Hydro announcement, the Prime Minister is now recycling announcements about securing gas supply. At least he's getting stuck into Labor though.

Gas crisis: warning! warning! warning! Um, what comes next?

, Sep 26, 2017

Gas companies should be careful - the Prime Minister really will use a gas reservation. He will, you know! Don't try him! And what does the competition regulator think of all this?

Rating downgrades won’t help Aussie dollar

, Sep 25, 2017

The club of countries with three triple-A credit ratings grows ever smaller, Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane write.

Banks bail out of wealth management

, Sep 22, 2017

The era of big banks being all things to all people is coming to an end as the majors offload their wealth management and insurance arms.

What the new CBS deal with Ten deal means for Lachlan Murdoch

, Sep 19, 2017

As CBS moves on Ten with a bigger, shinier offer, some hard questions for Lachlan Murdoch, write Stephen Mayne and Glenn Dyer.

Dams and pipes wasting money, Productivity Commission warns

, Sep 19, 2017

We're at risk of wasting billions on water infrastructure that isn't needed, the Productivity Commission has said -- repeating previous warnings about how we subsidise unviable irrigation.

Sugar tax unhelpful and unnecessary but try telling the nanny statists

, Sep 19, 2017

Paternalists continue to demand sugar taxes despite clear evidence they don't work. But facts don 't matter to nanny statists.

Could energy uncertainty be the gift that keeps on giving for Turnbull?

, Sep 13, 2017

By prolonging uncertainty around investment in energy generation, the government gives itself scope to keep blaming Labor and renewables for blackouts -- at least until voters wake up to it.

Developing countries punch back at mining giants

, Sep 13, 2017

Once feared by governments, mining multinationals are now discovering that the growing hostility to neoliberalism has left them exposed.

Nationalisation back on the agenda in politicians’ power panic

, Sep 12, 2017

As politicians panic about the energy crisis they themselves have created, some old ideas are suddenly fashionable again.

The Liberal war on industry super fought on ever more obscure fronts

, Sep 12, 2017

The Liberal party is continuing its efforts to demonise the industry super sector despite the role of employer groups, and its successful performance.

There might never be a deal to end the climate wars

, Sep 08, 2017

While everyone has assumed the Prime Minister wants to get a Clean Energy Target through his partyroom, what if his goal is actually to demonise Labor instead?

The day the right didn’t like market forces, when coal-fired power was on the line

, Sep 07, 2017

Let free markets and private capital operate unencumbered by regulation, the right demands. Until, um, free markets produce results they have an ideological problem with.

Welcome to Honest Mal’s Used Coal-Fired Power Plants

, Sep 06, 2017

Would you buy a used coal-fired power station from this man? Malcolm Turnbull insists we need to keep running old coal-fired plants to keep the lights on.

Nuclear depression: brother, can you spare US$25.7 billion?

, Sep 01, 2017

Nuclear power is affordable, says the Minerals Council. But the market (and power companies) beg to differ.

Clean Energy Target: Labor should let them eat coal

, Aug 31, 2017

It's time for compromise on a Clean Energy Target -- set it to allow for coal, and wait for investors to show up to build new coal-fired power plants. The catch is, it's unlikely any will.

The bank culture talkfest has failed. It’s time for action.

, Aug 29, 2017

Banking regulators have been focusing on financial industry culture for years, but it hasn't halted the stream of bank scandals. It's time to stop talking about culture and act.

Oops — government, employers caught lying on construction costs

, Aug 29, 2017

The government insists union thuggery has seen construction costs skyrocket. There's only one problem -- construction costs have actually fallen ...