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Hanging on for the “stress test” reality check

Glenn Dyer April 24, 2009

The strength of the current stockmarket rebound and the health of all those 'green shoots' analysts will be tested tonight.

US relief program, a haven for white collar crime?

Andrew Crook April 24, 2009

It sounds far fetched, but the Troubled Asset Relief Program could be in invitation for a new breed of trenchant corporate criminals.

Kohler: Fix Rio or resign

Alan Kohler April 21, 2009

The incoming chairman of Rio Tinto, Jan du Plessis, has two important tasks: to renegotiate the deal with Chinalco and to bring about change within Rio itself, writes Alan Kohler.

Wall Street’s white supremacist con job

Glenn Dyer April 21, 2009

Wall Street has been conned by a virulent racist who claimed he had a scoop on the US Treasury's 'stress tests'.

Bear market trap will snare investors

Adam Schwab April 17, 2009

Much of the good news which has spurred the latest market rally is not really good news at all.

Goldman Sachs’ profit con job

Glenn Dyer April 15, 2009

The rebound in Goldman Sachs shares was the result of some tricky fiddling of the numbers rather than the fundamentals.

Bolton’s greenmail could turn brown

Adam Schwab April 15, 2009

Yesterday's farcical shenanigans at the BrisConnections unit-holders meeting could be the beginning of the end for renegade shareholder Nick Bolton.

Fear and loathing in Loss Vegas

Glenn Dyer April 15, 2009

If James Packer was harbouring any remote thoughts about a move back to Nevada, he'd be wiser hedging his bets.

US banks back from the brink

Glenn Dyer April 14, 2009

US banks are making money as easily as they have ever earned it.

Brisconnections and Macbank is no David and Goliath

Adam Schwab April 14, 2009

The plot of the BrisConnections fiasco resembles that of a poorly written stage-play. A prose full of twists and turns, with no heroes, but plenty of villains.