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Macquarie: swimming in Rudd’s largesse

Glenn Dyer May 1, 2009 8 Comments

Without the Rudd Government's deposit guarantee, Macquarie Bank would have had a tough time surviving.

Nicholas Moore’s pay plummets

Adam Schwab May 1, 2009

Macquarie Bank released its yearly results this morning, announcing a sharp decrease in revenue and profit.

Wall St clueless as bad news rolls in

Glenn Dyer April 30, 2009

World markets inexplicably bounced last night on the apparent 'good news' that the US economy's slide continued.

ANZ defends its controversial accounting

Crikey April 30, 2009

ANZ chief executive Mike Smith and chief financial officer Peter Marriott have had to defend some of the options they had taken in the preparation of the bank's financial report, writes Ian Rogers.

Crikey Counterpoint: the Australian property market

Crikey Counterpoint: the Australian property market

Crikey April 30, 2009

Australia’s residential property market delivered a resilient performance during the first quarter, with the RP Data-Rismark National Dwelling Value Index rising 1.6%, writes Christopher Joye. Poppycock, says Adam Schwab.

Banks to protect their own bottom line

Crikey April 30, 2009

The Big Four will have warned they may not pass on rate cuts to home owners in order to protect their own bottom line.

Steelmakers brace for inferno ahead

Glenn Dyer April 29, 2009

The Australian and world steel industries are struggling as demand continues to weaken.

The global cost of swine flu

Crikey April 29, 2009

Could an epidemic take down global markets?

The opportunist’s guide to real estate

Crikey April 29, 2009

With home values are dropping all over the US, ruthless buyers are picking up bargains.

NAB’s recession-proof profit bonanza

NAB’s recession-proof profit bonanza

Glenn Dyer April 28, 2009

The National Australia Bank has confirmed expectations that it is weathering the global recession with aplomb.