Axe-o-meter, like Crikey’s SackWatch but worse

May 12, 2009

Vanity Fair updates its New Establishment list with the numbers of jobs lost in recent months. The figures make Crikey's SackWatch look like sunshine and rainbows.

Telstra shares up as CEO replacement announced

May 8, 2009

In a weak market, Telstra added 0.9% to $3.26 after appointing Telstra insider David Thodey as CEO.

US bank stress tests are in

May 8, 2009

The highly-anticipated banks stress test results show credit losses could be $US600 billion over the next two years. And 10 of 19 large institutions must raise $74.6 billion in private capital by November.

Building approvals offer glimmer of hope

Building approvals offer glimmer of hope

May 5, 2009

Despite the sharp fall in home prices in the eight major capitals in the March quarter, there's still demand for new home loans.

Europe’s labour model weathers financial crisis

May 5, 2009

European policymakers can be a bit smug at the moment over a labour model that has seen smaller unemployment spikes and less drop-off in consumption.

Wall Street has best close in four months

May 5, 2009

One Wall Street trader said the market was suggesting that most money-centered banks would "earn their way out" of the crisis, no matter what the government's stress test results are.

RiskMetrics loses its spine on Westfield pay

May 4, 2009

How on earth can RiskMetrics recommend in favour of the Westfield remuneration report at Wednesday’s AGM, asks Stephen Mayne?

It’s official: house prices falling off a cliff

It’s official: house prices falling off a cliff

May 4, 2009 1

The fall in Australian house prices accelerated in the March quarter, official statistics have revealed.

Naked shorts get the boot

May 1, 2009

A new Stateside regulation means the odious practice of naked short selling has all but evaporated.

Macquarie: swimming in Rudd’s largesse

May 1, 2009 8

Without the Rudd Government's deposit guarantee, Macquarie Bank would have had a tough time surviving.