March, 2018

Defining away the gaping flaw in the company tax cut case

, Mar 12, 2018

With Trump tax cut-funded share buybacks now worth over $200 billion in the US, company tax cut advocates have resorted to pretending share buybacks are just wonderful, thank you.

Reserve Bank puts a price tag on NIMBYism

, Mar 09, 2018

Reserve Bank research shows just how much zoning decisions can add to the cost of housing -- to the benefit of NIMBY residents who enjoy huge property price gains as a result.

‘You can’t pay tax if you don’t make profits.’ Oh, really?

and , Feb 23, 2018

When company tax cut spruikers insist the low rate of tax actually paid by companies is because they don't make profits, some scepticism is warranted.

Imagine if our lazy banking oligopoly had to answer to US regulators

and , Feb 07, 2018

Say what you like about the Americans, but their corporate regulators make ours look like PC Plod.

Corporate tax cuts a handy boost if you’ve blown a lazy billion

and , Feb 06, 2018

While Wesfarmers' own business lobby group was calling for tax cuts, its management was wasting billions in dud overseas ventures.

Australia makes a new bid for dumb protectionism for defence industry

, Jan 30, 2018

The government's enthusiasm for defence protectionism -- strongly backed by Labor -- isn't just idiotic, it's immoral.

No togetherness in Frydenberg’s electric car dreams

, Jan 23, 2018

Having a culture war over electric vehicles can be very dangerous. It's funny what you might end up supporting.

Industry super blitzes retail, which is bad news for the Coalition’s war on unions

, Jan 19, 2018

Alarm bells will be ringing with the Liberals as industry super stretches its lead over retail super in returns for members.

If milk prices went up like private health insurance …

, Jan 19, 2018

Increases in private health insurance premiums are set to hurt household budgets by $750 a year -- and deepen the appalling intergenerational theft private health insurance represents.

Carillion and Co expose serious flaws in outsourcing

and , Jan 18, 2018

Does poor management of outsourcing by governments breed laziness and incompetence in major companies? The collapse of a major UK company poses serious questions for a key tenet of neoliberalism.

Australia’s animal welfare process is broken and corrupted

, Dec 19, 2017

The process for developing animal welfare standards for Australian industry is broken -- something the government was told a long time ago by the Productivity Commission.

Amazon isn’t the only predator in the retail jungle

and , Nov 23, 2017

The arrival of Amazon is only the latest threat to retailing, which has been enduring structural change in the economy now for years.

Rogue, out-of-control union mysteriously fails to get wage rises

, Nov 17, 2017

The mining industry says industrial relations reform is urgently needed to rein in mining unions. Wages growth data begs to differ.

Shareholder dividends v real investment: RBA picks a winner

and , Nov 14, 2017

Are shareholders and ticket clippers a weight on effective investment in the economy? The Reserve Bank seems to think so.

Is high Chinese demand about to wreck the government’s gas deal?

and , Nov 10, 2017

A surge in demand for LNG in China is dragging gas prices upward, which spells trouble for the government's effort to keep a lid on domestic prices.

Breaking: Arrested Saudi Prince sells key $US1 billion voting stake in 21st Century Fox

and , Nov 08, 2017

What does the shock sale, which comes in the wake of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's arrest, signal for the Murdoch empire's fortunes?

ACCC walks a fine line in media regulation

, Nov 01, 2017

The ACCC's new media merger guidelines address diversity but not in a way that provides any certainty for investors or consumers.

NBN farce the result of a neoliberal absurdity

, Oct 24, 2017

Malcolm Turnbull says we shouldn't have started from where we did on the NBN -- problem is, we didn't have much choice, thanks to market economics.

How to extricate yourself from an energy policy jam

, Oct 18, 2017

There are a few tricks to Malcolm Turnbull's new energy policy. Here's how he did it.

Australian neoliberalism meets its conqueror: electricity

, Oct 16, 2017

The problems of our failed electricity market are the same problems that crop up time and again when market economics is applied to crucial services.