RBA rate cut: this could be as good as it gets

April 8, 2009

Consumer confidence figures out this morning suggest Australia may have to earn its interest rate cuts in future, writes Glenn Dyer.

Recession inspires US citizens to bear arms

April 7, 2009

In the last four weeks alone, six mass shootings have killed 47 people in the United States.

Macquarie’s secret debt buy-back revealed

April 7, 2009

Macquarie and IAG are running a nice little lurk at the moment, taking advantage of the GFC and buying back previously-issued debt at a discount, writes Glenn Dyer.

Don’t panic! US Fed tells flailing economy

April 7, 2009

A surprise speech overnight from the US Fed used words like "recession", "depression" and "panic" at will, writes Glenn Dyer.

Pundits predictably “divided” on RBA rate decison

April 7, 2009

Economists are predictably "divided" on whether the RBA will cut official interest rates this afternoon, writes Andrew Crook.

SackWatch: The firings keep coming as job ads fall by 45%

April 6, 2009

Since Crikey published its sixth SackWatch update last week, the tips box has again been running rampant with fresh tales of shoulder-tapping in businesses across the nation, reports Andrew Crook.

Job ads plummet to a record low

April 6, 2009

March was another bad month for job ads in major newspapers and the internet, writes Glenn Dyer.

The Aussie dollar

December 9, 2008 1

Arlene wants to know -- if the Oz economy is so much better than the USA one, why has our dollar dropped so much recently against the greenback? Crikey has the answers.

Greening the economy

December 4, 2008 6

Why is what's good for Finland bad for us? We asked .

How can centre-left governments fix Main Street?

October 8, 2008 2

Western societies are now so economically oriented around credit-fuelled consumption, that a return to collective ownership, once the mantra of the centre-left, looks impossible.