April, 2018

Weakening jobs market bodes poorly for wages

and , Apr 23, 2018

The strong jobs growth of 2017 is now in the rear-view mirror, meaning wages growth is unlikely to pick up. But workforce participation is at an all-time high.

AMP attempts damage control in wake of royal commission debacle

and , Apr 20, 2018

AMP has dumped its CEO and stood aside its senior lawyer to try to control the damage from the banking royal commission, but it won't be enough. And why is the Business Council so quiet?

Morrison too little, too late effort on the royal commission won’t convince

, Apr 20, 2018

The government's get-tough act on the banks is a hasty and inadequate catch-up and fails to address competition issues.

Then and now: the pollies left red-faced over banking commission back-pedaling

and , Apr 19, 2018

Barnaby Joyce isn't the only one with old views coming back to haunt them.

Rundle: the finance sector must be socialised

, Apr 19, 2018

The finance sector is a social resource. In a modern society it is an essential utility, as much as the water or power system is.

The AFR’s obsession with Emma Alberici reaches fever pitch

, Apr 18, 2018

How long will Financial Review readers have to put up with a senior journalist's obsessive writing about the ABC's Emma Alberici?

Strike me lucky: how Australia killed industrial disputation

, Apr 16, 2018

Industrial disputes in Australia are now a tiny fraction of what they were in the 1980s. Which might partly explain why our wages are so stagnant.

Trump tax cut claims collapsing as even Republicans turn against them

, Apr 16, 2018

As the US company tax cuts bypass workers, even some Republicans are horrified at the fiscal damage they have done.

No, the wages drought isn’t ‘over’. In fact, things have gotten worse.

and , Apr 12, 2018

Contrary to the impression given by the head of the Reserve Bank, there's little positive in recent wages growth data -- and what little there is is hardly cause for celebration.

Bigger than you, me and Bernard – UBI demands big thinking

, Apr 11, 2018

UBI is an inherently democratising project, re-conceiving the relationship between the citizen and the state.

US Republicans preside over mammoth budget blowout

and , Apr 10, 2018

Donald Trump and the Republicans have engineered a return to the trillion-dollar deficits last seen during the Great Recession that followed the GFC. And things could be even worse.

Should Australia fear another tech wreck?

, Apr 10, 2018

Turnbull and co may bemoan the small size of our tech sector, but with certain international stocks so overvalued, Australia may well luck out in the looming bust.

Universal basic income? More like universally bad idea.

, Apr 10, 2018

The fact that those spruiking universal basic income are also those crushing workers' rights should signal the true designs of this so-called "leftist" policy.

A primer on the economic relationship between Australia and Nauru

, Apr 06, 2018

A quick glance at Nauru's education, health, defence and broader budgets gives some interesting background to why this small country seems so co-operative.

Running a public bank ain’t as easy as it used to be

and , Apr 05, 2018

Setting up and running a major lending institution doesn't just happen. It takes huge resources -- something the Greens are apparently oblivious to.

Have other countries created jobs by cutting company tax?

, Apr 04, 2018

Turnbull claims handing billions of dollars back to shareholders of the largest foreign corporations will encourage them to invest and generate more jobs. Is there any evidence this works?

Greens’ embrace of idiot fringe economics ruins years of credibility

and , Apr 04, 2018

Subsidised mortgages and universal basic income show that the Greens have lost the plot on economic issues, Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer write.

These chopsticks are everything that’s wrong with the economy

, Apr 03, 2018

Would you pay $170 for some chopsticks, branded with the logo of a US skateboarding company?

Banks’ share price slump has been years in the making

and , Apr 03, 2018

Bank share prices have slumped over the last twelve months as years of misconduct have finally caught up with the big financial institutions, Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane write.

The AFR’s passionate defence of company tax cuts doesn’t quite add up

, Mar 29, 2018

Chris Murphy's all-guns-blazing defence of company tax cuts leaves out a few important factors -- elementary economics, for example.