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Flagging expenditure shows government is right to aim at construction

Whatever the GDP result for the March quarter, the economy will need more assistance from the government to prevent major industries like construction from collapsing.

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The shopping mall is facing forced reinvention. Will it survive?

Could the pandemic spell the end of the shopping centre?

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Is working from home a craven surrender to capitalism or a subversive act?

Some say working from home is the ultimate expression of capitalism, as employers colonise our domestic space. But working from home also has the potential to send a deep shudder through capitalism.

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Royal commissions provide a clue on how to fix class actions

Class actions consume much of the bandwidth of the court system. Is it time for a different approach?

Rupert Murdoch

Dark day for journalism as Murdoch's global empire sells democracy down the river

Today's News Corp cuts represent an enormous threat to Australian democracy ⁠— and a grim reminder of the power of a single family.

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Casualisation — not just a union-business debate, but maybe key to new growth

Even if overall levels of casualisation remain unchanged, addressing job insecurity might deliver a win for workers, employers and the government itself.

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Some justice is better than none: the case for litigation funding

While the government moves to restrict the activities of litigation funders, what alternative is there for the Davids who are taking on the Goliaths of the government or big business?

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The Hopetoun Tea Rooms and other iconic businesses must be saved

Many see the demise of iconic businesses — those that make a city what it is — as inevitable, while governments prop up dying airlines and zombie corporations.

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NAB stiffs small investors as institutions and banks cash in

Australia's shareholders are once again being left behind as companies cash in on capital raising.

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Are dating apps more popular in Australia due to coronavirus?

Are dating apps more popular than ever? What demographics use them most? What is the future of online dating? Your questions, answered.