Wayne Swan

Former federal treasurer


Swan: Australia’s great corporate tax heist

December 12, 2017

The revelation that one in three corporations paid no tax in Australia last year has highlighted again a few inconvenient truths about Australia's corporate termite problem.

Wayne Swan: no Australia Day honours for tax cheats

January 27, 2017 9

You want to prove your service to Australia? Pay your taxes, writes former treasurer Wayne Swan.

Swan: working people worldwide are being crushed by a plutocratic aristocracy

November 17, 2016 22

At home and abroad, the business class elite suffer from the blindness of affluence, writes former Australian treasurer Wayne Swan.

Wayne Swan: we know how to stop Trumpism

November 11, 2016 73

You want to stop people from turning to divisive figures who peddle hatred? Ensure they have a decent standard of living, writes former treasurer Wayne Swan.