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Tom Ravlic — Freelance journalist

Tom Ravlic

Freelance journalist

Tom Ravlic is an investigative journalist, author and academic with more than two decades of experience in reporting on and analysing politics and regulatory affairs for local and international media.

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This dark world: messaging app bans more than 350,000 child abusers and terrorists

Telegram, a messaging app favoured by those banned from more mainstream social media platforms, has removed hundreds of thousands of accounts since January.

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18 months on, Christchurch footage is still available on messaging platforms

White-supremacist content, including banned footage of the Christchurch terror attacks, has spread unchecked on messaging platforms while monitors look the other way.

(Image: AAP/Scott Barbour)

From sovereign citizens to QAnon: private messaging apps attract mixed bag of lockdown protesters

Anti-lockdown protest organisers have started using encrypted apps such as Telegram to spread the word. We took a peek inside.

Blair Cottrell and Milo Yiannopoulos (Images: AAP, AP)

When extremists are de-platformed, where do they go? To another platform

New research shows that when far-right figures are booted off Facebook and Twitter, they quickly find a new home — and potentially, a more susceptible audience.

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TikTok is dancing to the beat of a different, malevolent drum

Far-right extremists and hate groups are using the platform known for flashy dance moves to suck in a younger crowd.

A hearing of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

It's time the body that audits the auditors lets the public audit it

Suspicions of vested interests will only grow as long as the Financial Reporting Council continues to meet behind closed doors.

(Image: GetUp)

Why GetUp is more transparent than the major political parties

The only reason people are picking at GetUp's accounts like vultures is that its accounts are actually public.

A pledge to not sledge: on Brian Burston and the sticky issue of non-disparagement agreements

The physical fighting and public sledging last week really overshadowed the more subtle legal problems in this Burston mess.

Kenneth Hayne hands his final report of the banking royal commission to the government (Image: AAP/Kym Smith)

How would Hayne's disciplinary body actually work?

Yes this would be a huge step forward, but the devil is in the detail (or the lack thereof).

Labor MP Anthony Albanese with his former wife and Labor politician Carmel Tebbutt.

Looking to kill a scandal about your private life? Just tell the truth.

Anthony Albanese recently announced that he and his wife of 30 years, Carmel Tebbutt, had split. No drama. No media chase. This kind of simple and erudite statement is far too rare in Australian politics.

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