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Tom Richardson

Alexander Downer and the Liberal leadership that wasn't

As Alexander Downer blames voters for the troubles of the Liberal Party (including the failure to elect his daughter in the Mayo byelection), he should think about looking a little closer to home.

Mayo fight leaves Libs with egg on their face

The Liberals’ enthusiastic gambit in Mayo was meant to return a blue-ribbon seat to the fold – but it could end up entrenching a third-party MP there for a generation.

Messiah or very naughty boy? How to save Nick Xenophon's campaign

We're little more than a week into the state election campaign and already for Nick Xenophon, the equation appears to have shifted from “How far?” to merely: “How?”

There will be no real winners in the SA election

In politics, the worst crime a leader can commit is to lose the unloseable election.

Is Nick Xenophon experienced enough to run a whole state?

While his grassroots charm belies a calculating political tactician, Nick Xenophon is riding the same anti-establishment wave that swept Donald Trump into office.