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Stephen Mayne — Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne founded Crikey in February 2000, and has remained as a contributor since selling it in 2005. He’s a former political staffer and local government councillor who also pursues shareholder advocacy as a director of the Australian Shareholders’ Association and campaigns broadly for transparency and accountability across the media, business and political sectors.


RiskMetrics loses its spine on Westfield pay

May 4, 2009

How on earth can RiskMetrics recommend in favour of the Westfield remuneration report at Wednesday’s AGM, asks Stephen Mayne?

Time for Rupert to send spinner Greg Baxter packing

April 24, 2009

If there’s one criticism of Rupert Murdoch that stands out above all others, it’s his failure to set an ultimate standard of behaviour for those around him.

Secret Beijing voting business saves Sir Rod

April 17, 2009

Rio Tinto's AGM in Sydney on Monday is all about treating small shareholders with utter contempt.

Bob Carr’s sleazy fundraiser

May 9, 2003

Professional political stalker, Stephen Mayne dishes out all the goss on Bob Carr's sleazy fundraiser.

The Crikeys: More prestigious than a Walkley

December 23, 2001

The winners of the annual Crikey Awards are announced, with Eddie McGuire taking the top gong.

Unveiling the scale of union and Labor links

November 11, 2001

A new Crikey list chronicles Labor's well-known lists to the union movement.

Why are journalists so ALP friendly?

July 16, 2001

Former Kennett spinner, Stephen Mayne takes a look at journos come political spinners in this new Crikey list.

The good, the bad and the ugly of Crikey’s Olympic campaign

September 18, 2000

Owner of 93 Olympic tickets, Stephen Mayne takes in all that the Sydney Olympics has to offer.

Where Former Cabinet Ministers Work In The Private Sector

March 26, 2000

The Crikey Team compile their first political list: Politicians on public super and private salaries

The Bracks Cabinet in Profile

February 28, 2000

Crikey profiles Labor's Victorian Cabinet as Bracks takes the reins, with each Cabinet member given their own special rating.